Friday, December 30, 2011

Zenith Top Review

I've reviewed a few Icebreaker items lately and I've loved all of them.  The Zenith top is no different.  However, this top isn't for working out, its to wear out to all the other aspects of your life; work, dinner, meetings, coffee, play, etc.

I wore this top to a client's house.  I had no idea what I'd be doing that day.  I ended up organizing an office area first.  I was comfortable and the top wasn't itchy at all.  I never thought about my shirt, which means it was perfect for organizing.  I never felt exposed on top or on bottom even with lots of bending, lifting and moving.

I then moved into a workshop area in a garage.  While it wasn't frigid outside, it was certainly cooler, in the 40s.  I was concerned I'd be cold working in the area.  I was very comfortable.  The same shirt that kept me cool previously, was now keeping me warm.

The styling of the shirt is quite flattering.  Its loose fit, but not baggy.   The sleeves have a slight flare to them which adds a sophistication to the shirt.  I love wearing this with jeans and a long beaded necklace.

Oh and it washes wonderfully.  I dropped it in the wash with the rest of my clothes and hung it to dry.  It looks just like new and felt even softer!

I'm becoming a bit of an Icebreaker addict, but you can beat this stuff for durability, comfort and cute looks!

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