Saturday, December 3, 2011

Natural Light Candle Review

This is another review from my professional blog...

I am a big fan of wax tarts.  I love how I can change scents quickly and
easily.  I tried the Namaste scent in these.  I loved how quickly the wax
tarts melted.  But most importantly, I loved the smell.  I had a family
member over and they were in love with how the whole house was filled with a
fresh, but not over powering scent.  What I liked most best was the after
scent.  Long after I blew the tea light out and the wax had hardened back
up, the room still smelled wonderfully fresh.
The second candle I tried was the 11 oz. jar candle.  It comes in a cute little jar with a pretty lid so even when its not lit, it looks nice.
Just like the wax tarts, this candle got warm and glowing quickly and in just a short period of time, my entire space was filled with a yummy almond scent.  My husband usually hates it when I burn candles because he feels the scents are too strong.  He loves this candle.  The scent is noticable, yet not over powering.  Its pleasant, as if your room is meant to smell like that, not as if you sprayed something to cover up another smell.
I’ve been burning the candle a lot and I feel like I haven’t made a dent in the candle itself.  Its a great value for the money.
Natural Light candles are made locally to me in small batches so you never get an old candle.  They are made of 100% soy wax so you get a clean burn.
You can take a look at their entire prodict line here:
I always talk about giving consumable gifts during the holidays.  This is a perfect example.  The recipient will love it, use it and there is no clutter left behind!  These are also great gifts for your teachers, mail person, delivery people, etc.

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