Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lock Laces

Okay I've talked about these before but they are worth mentioning again....

I have seen all sorts of lacing styles and laces.  You can see a few dozen styles when you head to a race.  I always tied my shoes using the "runners knot" and its worked pretty well.  However, when I first saw Lock Laces I was curious.  I was sent a pair and I put them on my road running shoes.  I was nervous about if they would loosen, if they would hold my shoes on my feet and if my shoes would be as comfortable.

I had nothing to worry about!  I took them out for a run this morning and did speed work.  They held perfectly!  My shoes were snug, but not tight.  Putting the shoes on to head out was quick and easy and made getting out the door a little bit faster.  In my morning fog I didn't have to get my laces just right.  When I got home, the shoes slipped right off and the laces didn't loosen at all.

I'm a big proponent of anything that saves time and energy and these laces do both.  I intend to put these on my casual sneakers and my trail shoes.  These laces are great for racers, triathletes, etc.  However, I think they will be most appreciated by the busy mom trying to squeeze in a workout.  I also know that they are great for kids who can't tie their shoes yet.  Special needs children and adults can also benefit from using these laces.

One of the best things about Lock Laces is that they are a feel good company.  They give back to the community, they are green and contract with a non-profit that provides job training for adults with developmental delays to assemble Lock Laces in the USA.  You can feel great about buying from them.

Their laces come in all sorts of colors.  You can get them in your child's favorite color, or to match your shoes.  I've worn Lock Laces for the years and the shoes always wear out before the laces.  Oh and I even bought some for my grandparents who had trouble bending and tying their shoes and they love them!

Visit their website to take a peek at the laces and the great work they are doing:

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Chia Pods

Okay so I've been a big fan of chia seeds for a while.  However, they aren't always the easiest to get and find a way to eat or drink.  As they gain in popularity, there are more products incorporating chia seeds.

The Chia Co. has released the Chia Pod and it's almost dessert like.  Chia pods are small containers made up of 30% recycled materials.  They come with a little spoon so they are great on the go.

Each Chia Pod is made up of chia seeds, coconut milk and another ingredient that gives it the specified flavor.  They have blueberry, mango, banana and vanilla bean.

I originally didn't like the sound of the fruit flavors.  However, they were my favorite.  The unique fruit flavors add a tartness to the coconut milk.

The Chia Pods are a great snack that is dairy free and provides 25% of your daily fiber.  I think they also give you lots of energy and I love having one of these before I head out for a run.  Your entire day's omega intake is covered in a Chia Pod too.

I also buy mini packet of chia seeds from the Chia Co. They make it easy for me to take chia seeds with me anywhere!

Take a look at their whole selection on their website.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Coola Sunscreen Review

Yeah, I'm a big fan of sunscreen and I love Coola's easy to wear and effective products.  Their new Plant UV Body Sunscreen with SPF 30 goes on easy and doesn't leave you feeling sticky.  It's 70% organic and is filled with ingredients like coco butter and coconut oil.  It leaves your skin feel smooth and soft.  

I love that it's easy to wear on a daily basis.  I wear this on my runs every day and I never feel sticky or gross.  And I know that I'm not only protecting my skin, I'm moisturizing it too!  

If you have one chapstick on your bag this winter, make it Coola's LIPLUX.  It goes on soft and smooth and the Peppermint Vanilla smells amazing!  It's not sticky or shiny (so even my husband has used it!) and it moisturizes while it protects with SPF 15.  I would love more of these in my stocking!  Okay, and here's my biggest beauty secret and it item I can't leave the house without every day.  

Coola's Face SPF 30 Matte Tint Sunscreen has everything a girl wants in one tube.  It mattifies your skin, moisturizes it, gives you an even tone through the tiniest tint, and protects it through broad spectrum SPF. It's organic and water resistant.  This makes my skin look and feel great all day every day (even after my runs!).

Monday, October 14, 2013

Easy Threes

Well, I'm running again.  The good news is that I feel as if i could go forever.  The bad news is that I can feel it in my chest for the remainder of the day.

So, I'm probably pushing it a little bit, but it feels so good to be back out there with my feet hitting the pavement (we haven't gone trail running yet) and breathing the fall air.

We're had some amazing fall weather here in New England.  Warmer than normal and bright and sunny-exactly what you picture fall in New England to look and feel like.

I've been dressing a bit too warmly. It's always a knee jerk reaction at this time of year to look at the thermometer and throw on pants instead of shorts at 50.  It's also easy to get chilled quickly after your runs.  (When stopping for a pumpkin spice latte of course!)

I've been going slowly and telling myself to take it easy. Sometimes it's hard not to get caught up in Roxy's quest for speed and want to go faster, but I'm telling myself to rein it in.

I'm also learning the difference between normal running "pain" and actual lung and breathing trouble.  Everyone is out of breath and everyone is tired and wants to stop. So I'm trying to differentiate between that normal feeling and my lungs truly need a rest.

And so I'm calling these first few days back my "easy threes"... I'm trying to get out a few times a week at least, with Roxy to do an easy three miler.  Thus far, we're both thrilled with the progress and being out together.

When we pull into the parking lot Roxy will actually let out a whimper of excitement and start licking my face.  She waits patiently while I get my music ready and have a last sip of water.  Then, I leash her up and she hops out, with her tail wagging the whole time.  She looks back at me from time to time when we run with a smile on her face.

 Roxy's been calmer and happier at home since we back at running.  It's amazing how it can do that for both of us!  Here's to a great fall and winter running season and officially starting "real training" again.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thorlo Experia Multi Sport Socks

I was recently lucky enough to receive a pair of Thorlo's new Experia Multi Purpose Socks.

These socks are so soft when you put them on.  They are snug but not too snug.  They are lightly padded which gives you a smooth and comfortable run.  However, they aren't too thick so your feet get all sweaty and gross.

I like these because they work well with my "free" run shoes.  My shoes aren't barefoot shoes, but they are minimalist and adding a thick sock just takes away from the comfort of them.

They come up a bit higher than socks I traditionally wear.  However, I ended up really liking these because they could be pulled up over my yoga leggings or tucked under and I was able to avoid exposed skin that gets cold.  (In the winter, I've even gotten really dry skin in bands around my ankles from this!)

I like that these are great for hiking and biking too and are really comfy inside my spinning shoes.

I will also tell you they are really comfortable for hanging around the house too :)

They come in lots of colors and sizes to fit boys and girls.  Take a peek at them on Thorlo's website.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sabre Pepper Spray Review

Sabre's line of Pepper Spray and Alarms is perfect for anyone who walks alone at night or in the early morning and wants a little more peace of mind.  Their pepper sprays come in all sorts of stylish cases. Many look so cute or sleek that you'd hardly guess they were pepper spray.  

Two of my favorites are their personal alarm and their pepper gel.  The personal alarm is a key chain that affixes to the outside of your bag, coat or keys.  At the push of a button there is a 110 decibels.  It comes in different colors so it's great for everyone.  Their Pepper Gel is great for college students.  It's pink and fashionable and can be put on keys or even a bag's strap over your shoulder.  The gel reduces the chances that the gel will be spread in the wind. It's quiet, easy to use and can even be used indoors if necessary.  

These are great gifts for runners, college students, people who work third shift, pet owners and really anyone who is ever walking along.  Sabre's products are tested, trusted and really affordable.  

I really like the Spitfire.  It has a really sleek design and can be fired with just the push of a button.  The fact that it comes in purple is pretty awesome too!  

Friday, October 4, 2013

Happiness is Fall Running

It is the start of October here in CT and the leaves are changing.  When a breeze blows the leaves fall like snow.  It's beautiful.  There aren't tons of leaves on the ground, but just enough to make the trail look pretty and start crunching under your feet.

The air is crisp at this time of year.  And I love wearing capris and a tank or shorts and a long sleeve shirt.  Roxy LOVES it when I open the sun room on the way home.  I love stopping for a latte on the way home too.

As I get back into running, I'm being reminded of a few important lessons:

The first is that I need to eat before I run.  I can't go out and run for 30-60 minutes and have nothing in my system.  It's not a good idea.  So I'm relearning what I enjoy eating before I head out the door.  I'm not a big breakfast person so a coffee and a piece of fruit is winning.  However, I am going to pick up some mini granola bars in case I don't have fruit on hand.

I'm working on my systems to carry my phone with me for my longer runs/woods runs, and have Roxy attached to my waist on her leash, have my iPod and headphones and car key. It will be easier with more layers and more pockets!

I'm remembering how hard it is to remember to foam roll too.  And how important it is!  Oh, and the LAUNDRY really adds up!!

Fall has always been my favorite time of the year to run.  However, this year I'm just to happy and grateful to be running again that it is even more amazing.

Oh and Roxy's training is going along extremely well.  We can pass people with no people or barking now.  I'm hoping she remembers this and keep up the good work!