Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thorlo Experia Multi Sport Socks

I was recently lucky enough to receive a pair of Thorlo's new Experia Multi Purpose Socks.

These socks are so soft when you put them on.  They are snug but not too snug.  They are lightly padded which gives you a smooth and comfortable run.  However, they aren't too thick so your feet get all sweaty and gross.

I like these because they work well with my "free" run shoes.  My shoes aren't barefoot shoes, but they are minimalist and adding a thick sock just takes away from the comfort of them.

They come up a bit higher than socks I traditionally wear.  However, I ended up really liking these because they could be pulled up over my yoga leggings or tucked under and I was able to avoid exposed skin that gets cold.  (In the winter, I've even gotten really dry skin in bands around my ankles from this!)

I like that these are great for hiking and biking too and are really comfy inside my spinning shoes.

I will also tell you they are really comfortable for hanging around the house too :)

They come in lots of colors and sizes to fit boys and girls.  Take a peek at them on Thorlo's website.

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