Monday, April 21, 2014

Last Day in Philly!

Well despite having to head back to CT, we decided to get in some last minute sightseeing.

We found a great parking spot and set off on foot.  We ran up the Rocky steps, posed with the Rocky Statue.  We did take a sneak peek in the art museum too :)

One of the hidden treasures in Philly is the rover walk.  It's a beautiful area by the water where people relax, picnic and fly kites.  There were a ton of runners, bikers, and even people on roller blades.

We walked down to Boat House Row where there were lots of crew boats out and about.  We climbed the area that had been blasted out and used to serve as the power station.

It was beautiful day and the sun was shining.  A great way to experience Philly and to relax and just walk and enjoy.  We were sad to leave, but we will be back for sure!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Philly Day Three

Today was another beautiful day in Philly!  We did some nontraditional sight seeing.  We started the day at Wawa (Again).  Their egg sandwiches are addicting.  Also, their iced tea lemonade is becoming a problem for me :)

Our first stop was the Eastern State Penitentiary.  It's an old prison-the first in the US and it because the model for many more to come.  It looks like a British castle and the methodology behind it was fascinating.  It changed a lot over time.  It was originally a place where all inmates were in strict solitary.  However, as the years passed, they were allowed to socialize, watch TV and even do things like cut hair at the barber shop.

Al Capone's prison cell.  He was allowed some liberties.
One of the main corridors where prisoners were held.
The prison held Al Capone for a while too.  It's down right creepy, dark, damp and cold.  The walls are in disrepair.  However, it is preserved so you can see it in it's original state.  Matt was able to procure a photographer's pass so he could use his tripod and take photos.  There are even photographer events all over the prison.  (They also have a Halloween night event!)

Afterwards we walked around and saw the area.  It was adorable with lots of dogs walking and upscale restaurants.  We ate at a place called Urban Saloon and it was a modern and sophisticated version of an old west saloon (swinging doors and all!).  I had a peanut butter, bacon veggie burger.  It's as awesome as it sounds.  

Monday, April 14, 2014

Day Two in Philly

So on our next day on Philly we were moving a tad bit slower due to M having a REALLY LONG day taking photos at the semi finals.  We decided to spend the day exploring.  We love just walking around the city, seeing the sights, taking in the people and stopping where we want.

We took this picture at the park….kind of like Philly's Central Park. It was a warm sunny day and it was hard to leave to head back to the hotel!

So Peanut Chews are a Philly "thing".  We were going to hunt some down while we were here. However, our hotel had some minis.  They are SO good!  Chocolate, caramel and peanuts.  Great combo.  I ate too many :)

The pretzel is popular in Philly because it was once a German populated place.  Many spoke German and since pretzels were very popular in Germany, they too made the trek across the ocean.  These little gems were in our hotel in the afternoon.  They too, were awesome!  

We are lunch at the Reading Market. It's an amazing place, filled with food vendors of both ready to eat items and produce, fish, and other local goods. It's reminiscent of an old fashioned market.  It's busy, loud and so colorful.  We found an amazing and authentic Cajun place!  I had gumbo and it was fabulous.  I haven't had gumbo this good or authentic since I left New Orleans.  And believe me, I've tried!

Matt was all smiles while we ate our cajun lunch.  It was amazing!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Philadelphia Day One

So I travel for business at least a few times a year.  Usually M tags along with me and we get some sightseeing done.  He helps me prepare for presentations and supports me as I go.

This trip, HE is the one conducting business. He's taking photos of the Frozen Four-the national college hockey tournament.  I'm so proud he has earned a spot and can take part.  I'm also thrilled because I get to tag along and sightsee in Philadelphia!

I'll first say that I packed all kinds of running gear in hopes to get in some runs while M was off taking photos.  However, the hotel is on a semi highway, 6 lanes wides so I'll be working out in the gym AND I packed a MP3 yoga class and my mat.

Today we saw a lot of the historical part of Philadelphia-The Betsy Ross house was awesome!  It's just a tiny house where she RENTED two rooms her whole life.  She had 8 children and three husbands.  If that isn't enough to surprise you, she started sewing flags for the revolution at 24 years old!

This is a statue outside the Betsy Ross House.  It was just so adorable I had to take photos.  Everyone pets the cat as they walk by.

We also saw the Liberty Bell. It was neat to learn about it and see it up close.  M had a great time taking photos of it as well.

The historical cemetery in Philadelphia contains FIVE of the signers of the declaration of independence.  To give you an idea of the historical significance of the time, the founder of psychology as well as many commanders in the Revolution are all buried there as well.  It signifies good luck to throw a penny on Benjamin Franklin's grave to honor his saying of "A penny saved is a penny earned."

We did some walking around the city and it was a beautiful spring day.  Really the first we've had!  It was great to see the cobble stones on the on the streets and all the historical buildings.  The buildings are very narrow and made of hand crafted materials.  It's beautiful and amazing to think about what transpired there.  It's also amazing to think about the bravery of the individuals who signed our founding documents.  History was made on these streets!

The night before we came into town and hit what we were told was THE place for cheese steaks.  Now I don't even like red meat, but when in Rome.  The quintessential cheese steak has Cheese Whiz on it!  I had no idea.  Add in some onions, steak and amazingly fluffy bread and you have a great dinner.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Running with Your Dog and Kurgo

Heading out for summer fun means you need to do a little preparation and be safe with your pooch.  I was able to try out some of Kurgo's products to help you get and stay fit (and safe!) with your dog!

Their Quantum Leash is pretty awesome.  I love it because I can grab one leash and use it any way I need to.  I like to run with my dog around my waist and that's easy to do.  If I'm walking and need to be hands free for a phone or coffee, I can wear the leash cross body.  Of course you can also hand hold the leash or tether it if you're stopped at a picnic table on a hike.  The best part, is that this leash does double duty for two dogs!  The leash is soft to hold (For other dogs owners who have dogs who are high energy you know why this is important!) and bright in color so you can always find it.  Working out with your dog means better health for everyone.  If you have the right gear, it's going to be easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

If you're thirsty, your dog is too.  And while many owners bring water bottles for themselves, they often forget their pooches.  Instead of taking an extra bottle, just bring along a collapsable bowl like Kurgo's Collapse a Bowl.  It pops down so it's flat and attaches to their Quantum Leash.  This way you always have it on hand.  You can stop, let your dog drink and then collapse it again and be on your way.  It's BPA free and dishwasher safe.  I like that it is light weight and can be thrown into any bag without taking up space or adding weight.  Because it is silicone, it also sits easily and firmly on the floor of a tent or car.

Being safe means being seen.  Kurgo's Reflective Dog Vest runs on batteries and offers visibility for hundreds of feet.  Even if you decide not to use its light up feature, the reflective orange vest stands out in the woods.  Awesome for hiking, hunting or swimming, this vest helps you see your dogs and others see both of you.  (I like to use it while my dog is swimming so I can clearly see her in the water.)  It's adjustable and my dog doesn't even know she's wearing it.  It's light weight and cool and gives me peace of mind and safety.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pet Infographics

We all know how much I love my dogs.  However, there is a lot of information to learn when you are a serious pet owner.  I've search for some info graphics to share some info with you.

In particular, I want you to be aware of deaf dogs and their special needs.  Owners will often have a notification on their dog that they are deaf.  This doesn't mean they are not friendly.  It simply means they should be approached with caution.  You should never pet or talk to a dog without the owner's permission first.