Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Toughest Race I Didn't Run

I've been racing long enough now that I've been running some of the same races for three to four years now.  I have my favorites and my "traditions".  Once of those is the St. Patrick's Race in Fairfield, CT.

It is a four mile race and it takes place on the Sunday closet to St. Patrick's Day.  This year it was actually on the holiday.  It run by the beach and afterwards there is lots of food and music.  The beach is right there too so you can walk along it afterwards.

Everyone gets a little crazy in their costumes so its right up my ally.

Anyway, as you know, I sprained my ankle pretty badly a little over a month ago.  I thought I'd be fine for this race.  I thought it would be completely healed by now.  But I didn't listen to those who "told me so".  It is still swollen and while I've managed a few slow runs with Roxy, I didn't know how I'd fare in a race.

And so I traded having my ankle continue to heal and rest for attending the race.  It was one of the hardest choices I've made.  It sounds silly but I look forward to it all year and bowing out gracefully is sometimes much tougher than plowing through.

So I stayed home, rested my ankle and thought about all the races I will run in the future...hopefully that much sooner because my ankle will be up to full strength by spring.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why I Run

Someone else I know recently posted this video on their blog, but it was so moving that I had to share it too....

I realize that I run for a few reasons:

1.  Is to stay healthy for a long time in my life.  While I love racing and meeting goals, my long term health is really the biggest reason I run..

2.  I run to help Roxy stay happy and healthy.  She loves running and our time together is an amazing bond we share.

3.  I run so I can think things through.  I am the most creative and problem solving when I'm running.

4.  I run to be outside.  It is my small time to be outside in nature.  In a society in which we work and play inside, we need to sometimes find time to get outside.

5.  I love it.  I always have and always will.  I'm not about the time or the distance.  It is about the thrill of the run for me.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Ellie Apparel

Cute, comfy and hard working...all my favorite things!  I'm in love with Ellie apparel! Every month they send you two selections based on your style profile.  You get to choose before everyone else does and the items are sent right to your door.  It is a great way to refresh your workout wardrobe, treat yourself and shop easily and quickly!

Use this coupon fro 20% off!

20 percent of Ellie

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Energy Bits

I was recently researching a way to get more algae in my diet.  (And for my husband who suffers from chronic fatigue).  I came across Energy Bits, pressed algae tabs.  

They are made up of 100% organize spirulina algae and can be chewed or swallowed.  (I suggest swallowed.)  They have about 1 calorie each and should be taken in 30 pill doses.  I love being able to get a healthy supplement to my diet and get my husband some of the energy and nutrients he needs, easily.

They are expensive to purchase.  A 1000 count bag costs $115.  However, it is the only product of its kind on the market.  (At least that I could find!)

Here is the description from their website:
About ENERGYbits®
ENERGYbits® algae tabs are your answer for raw energy and health. All naturally too. With just one calorie per tab, ENERGYbits® will stop your cravings, slay your hunger and give you a steady stream of energy all day or night. They may even make you want to leap over tall buildings in a single bound, but we think that’s best left to the guys in the red capes and blue tights.  Remarkably, our ENERGYbits® have just one ingredient, spirulina algae which is a super hero in the world of super foods. Spirulina’s nutritional pedigree is so impressive that The World Bank, NASA and Olympic athletes have all declared spirulina to be the most nutritious food in the entire world. Why? Well for starters, it effortlessly and naturally boosts your energy like an energy drink, energy bar or coffee  but without the downside of chemicals, caffeine, calories or sugar and gram per gram, there is no denser source of nutrition than spirulina algae. Research done by NASA showed that that 1 kg of spirulina had the nutritional  equivalent of 1000 kg of fruits and vegetables.  That's a  lot of groceries! But if an endorsement by NASA isn’t enough to convince you of the health benefits you’ll get from our ENERGYbits® and spirulina, consider that many International Health Organizations including the United Nations have hailed spirulina as one of the “Greatest Superfoods on Earth.” Don’t worry if you haven’t heard about this super food yet. You will. It may be virtually unknown in America but for the last 50 years, millions worldwide have taken it to improve their energy. Now it’s your turn. 

Note that they do have other tabs made with different algae.  They can all be purchased here:

Monday, March 18, 2013

Cocomo Joe Review

If you're like most of us, you're always looking for good food that actually tastes good.  Well Cocomo Joe fits the bill.  For health reasons, I've been spending a lot of time researching what is going into some of the "healthy" foods out there.  It is shocking that what you think may be healthy, is really filled with preservatives and chemicals.  The founder of Cocomo Joe felt the same way and developed a line of snack foods that can be easily transported. 

Cocomo Joe's philosophy is to eat your food, love your food, eat less and enjoy yourself.  Buying and consuming healthy food now saves you from the doctor later on.  So very true.

I was able to try Cocomo Joe's granola first of all.  Usually granola is filled with oils and fats.  This granola comes in Cranberry, Egg Nog, Milk Chocolate, Ginger Apple and Salty Chocolate.  I tried the Milk Chocolate and Ginger Apple.  They are amazing.  Very flavorful and filling, so you don't have to eat a lot.  These are VERY satisfying as a dessert or an afternoon snack.  I love having some of this with a cup of tea.  These granolas are organic and made up of healthy ingredients that you can feel good about putting into your body and feeding to your family.

Coconut Joe sells bars.  These bars are packaged individually and can be thrown into your car, purse or gym bag.  They are vegan, paleo, organic and most importantly, yummy!  The come in Cocoa, Baby Bar (for kids), Coffee, Cranberry, Fig, Green and Mango.  I have yet to try a flavor I didn't like.  They vary in calories, fat, etc.  However, I love the sustainable energy and fulfilling qualities of the bars.  It is so hard to find something healthy to eat on the go.  

If you have a sweet tooth, try Cocomocorn, the best, and healthiest, popcorn you will ever eat.  It's sweetened with coconuts instead of corn syrup and other chemicals.  Kids love this! 

Take a peek and order all of these great snacks here:

Friday, March 15, 2013

Activyst Athletic Bags ~ Looking Cute and Helping Women

@activyst is making athletic bags and funding girls' sports programs worldwide. If they hit their crowd-funding goal, they can start production and build a soccer field for Soccer Without Borders Nicaragua. Check them out here and help more girls play! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Better Oats Review

Okay, healthy eating is a necessity for everyone.  I am not a big fan of breakfast (at least at breakfast time).  I was recently able to try out Better Oats Oatmeal and I have a new favorite breakfast on the go, and snack for that matter!

Better Oats has lots of different varieties and flavors; low fat, low sugar, protein, omega 3, you name it!  (There is even a dark chocolate oatmeal!) 

All of the variations are made with 100% real oats which are cholesterol and trans fat free.  There are flax seeds in every type as well.  The variations that have fruit, have real fruit pieces.  While the nutritional information if different on every type, most have a good amount of protein for a breakfast or snack.  

Here is something else I love. The packaging!  (I never say that!)  The top of the box rips off to reveal five packages you can grab and use.  I love that I can throw one in my purse and make it with hot water on the go.  
Many of the varieties are organic and all have vitamins and minerals.  I gave this oatmeal the ultimate test; I let my 15 year old cousin try it.  He said it was good!  15 Year old boys avoid all healthy stuff so I took this as a sign that it would be liked by all!

If you need a healthy morning breakfast, try our Better Oats.  It is light enough to sit well, but substantial enough that you feel full and start the day off right.

Take a peek at Better Oats to view nutritional information, varieties and where to buy:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cozy Orange Review

If you're looking for a great spring makeover to your workout wardrobe, or you're looking for an amazing Mom or Grad present, check out Cozy Orange.  I was able to try out two pieces from their amazing selection.

I'm always nervous heading into a yoga class with a new pair of pants on.  The Leo pant by Cozy Orange was one of the most stylish and comfortable pairs of crops I've worn.  They came up high enough so they didn't roll or ride down, even during downward dog.  

They were compression enough to be slimming and keep things in place, but never felt tight or like I was being constricted.  They have these really great seams on the leg.  Not only are they smooth and don't chafe, they give your leg this amazing slimming effect.  I confidently went out for coffee after class.  (Oh and the hidden pockets help you carry things like keys and a coffee card.)

The material is thick enough so you can't see through it but I was dry and comfy very quickly after class.  I have also biked in the crops and run in them.  I was comfortable no matter what I tried.  They have a 19 inch inseam and they hit me at the top of my calf.  I love these for a hot yoga class year round or a run outside in the early spring and summer.  

I was also able to try out the Celestial Jacket.  The jacket is a great cover up for to and from yoga or before and after your run or visit to the gym.  It is super comfy and versatile.  I love the hood and I use it a lot to stay warm.  The wrap is easy to throw on with roomy arms and a cord you can close it up with.  I'm a size four and I have the small.  It doesn't have a ton of room in it so if you want something you can really wrap, go a size up.

My favorite part of the Celestial Jacket is that its made from a technical material that dries quickly.  Normally something this comfy would be made of cotton and would just lead to a wet mess after a hot yoga class.  I love wearing this before and after my workouts, out for errands, around the house etc.  I have a hard time keeping it clean I wear it so much.  And the big roomy pockets are awesome to carry your phone, keys etc.  

Cozy Orange sells a whole range of tops, crops, pants, wraps, etc.  Take a peek at all of it here:
I'm warning you, if you love workout clothes as much as I do, these are a bit addicting.  Comfy, cute and affordable.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Herban Essentials Wipes Review

There are a lot of pre moistened "wipes" on the market.  Finding one that's as versatile and wonderful to use as Herban Essentials simply isn't possible.

Their wipes are made from soft "cloth" with the addition of essential oils.  Their scents are amazing and they serve so many purposes.

I was able to try out a few different scents and I'm going to give you just a few of the uses for each of them.  
Orange-promotes happiness.  These are great for kids, as they help them focus.  Orange has also been shown to help anxiety and depression.  I like opening one of these on my desk during the day.  

Lavender-These are my favorite and have the most uses.  Of course, the lavender scent is calming.  I like putting one under my pillow as I go to sleep at night.  You can also use them as a meditation assistant.  Lavender helps bug bites and prevents new ones.  It also helps clear up blemishes.  Throw one in your bath.  They are even safe for baby use.

Lemon-is a fresh scent and they are super refreshing.  I love using the lemon wipes to clean off my laptop, phone and tablet.  I also love using them after yoga class. You can toss them in the fridge too so they are cooling.  
Peppermint-While this is a common scent, the wipes are amazing. They are great for curing nausea, and simply refreshing.  My husband loves these as they are "masculine" and still feel amazing.

You can buy multi packs of lemon, lavender and peppermint wipes.  They are great for throwing in the car so you have a choice depending on your mood.  

Herban Essentials also sells doggie wipes that you can use to calm your dog and wipe them down.  I love using all natural products on my dog and being clean is a must for the two of us after a trail run.

Finally, they sell yoga wipes.  What a great way wipe down your mat or refresh after class.  I've used the orange and lemon wipes for wiping down my mat and they are a great way to get the sticky sweat off my mat without using harsh chemicals.  

Some other uses for these amazing wipes are:
Car air freshener
Cleaning up after the beach
Wiping down kids' toys

The wipes feel great to use.  They don't leave sticky residue like some of the other wipes I've used.  They stay moist for a while.  They have started to appear in my purse, on my desk, in my yoga bag, in my car, on my night table....just about everywhere.

These are an amazing treat you can give yourself every day. They are incredibly calming, wonderfully luxurious, and super functional.  You'll want to buy more than one bag of these little treasures.

You can buy Herban Essentials here: 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'll Tumble For You

Well it seems as though I have a knack for getting hurt NOT while running or at yoga, or really doing anything at all to speak of.

I went out to fill my bird feeder, and my dog decided she had to get out the door a little faster than I did.  Then, I twisted my ankle.

Long story short, its three weeks later and I'm still nursing a swollen ankle that looks like my jeans dyed it a funky purple blue.

It keeps blizzarding outside so I'm not missing fabulous days running on the trails.  However, poor Roxy is going stir crazy inside without our runs.

Before my ankle sprain I was feeling a little less motivated to head out into the cold temperatures and run.  However, once again I've found inspiration and learning in an injury and I now realized that no matter what the thermometer says I'm blessed to be able to get outside and run with my dog.

I am counting the days until I can get back out there and in the meantime working on my meditation skills, core stability and of course, patience.

I have purchased myself a new pair of running shoes, just as I do every year at this time and they are sitting in the box in my closet.  At first I thought they were tormenting me...however, now I understand they are smiling at me, waiting for our first date.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Bobby Sue Nut Review

In my quest to find portable, yummy healthy snacks I found Bobby Sue's Nuts.  Yes, the name may make you smile but the product will make you even happier!  

Bobby Sue's Original Nuts are a mix of walnuts, cashews and almonds (all the healthy tree nuts).  They have a sweet and salty taste that makes them a little bit addictive.  

Bobby Sue's Nuts come in reusable or recyclable glass jars.  They are great to throw into a backpack or beach bag.  I love them for camping! They stay sealed and fresh despite the dampness outside.

Bobby Sue's Nuts would make a great clutter free gift for anyone who loves healthy eating.    These would also make great hostess gifts.  Instead of bringing another bottle of wine along, bring a jar of delicious nuts.

These nuts aren't like anything you've ever tried.  They have three varieties:
Hot, Chocolate and Original.  Hot is spicy and unique, but not too hot.  Chocolate is a decadent (but healthy) dessert treat.  The Originals are addictive.  You keep going back for more!

The nuts are homemade, all natural, gluten free, preservative free (and yes, you can keep them for a little while in your pantry-about eight months), cholesterol free and environmentally friendly.  

A portion of your dollars spent on Bobby Sue's Nuts goes right to helping homeless animals and who doesn't like that?

Get Bobby Sue's Nuts online here:

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Brad's Raw Chips Review

If you've already learned the benefits of eating whole and raw foods, you're going to love Brad's Raw Chips.  (If you don't know about how great eating healthy will make you feel, these chips will convert you!)

Brad's Raw Chips come in recyclable plastic containers that are lightweight and can easily be thrown into your work bag, laptop bag, etc.

Brad's Chips are everything you're looking for in a healthy snack; vegan, non GMO, Kosher, organic and gluten free. 

These kale chips are amazingly flavored.  It is hard to remember you're eating something healthy and it is hard to stop eating once you start.  I tried the Nacho flavor and Vampire killer Flavor.  Again, it was really hard to not want to keep eating until the container was gone.  The Nacho flavor especially is able to curb any cheesy, junk food craving you may have.  Their kale chips come in lots of other flavors too!  They also have cheddar chips, beet chips and lots more!

Oh and for the four legged friends, Brad's Raw Chips sells raw doggie treats (I have not tried these) and they will soon be releasing Raw Onion Rings!  

I need to pace myself as there isn't a store close by to me that sells Brad's Raw Chips, but you can order online here:

Their website has all sorts of great information on their products, raw eating and being healthy.  Take a peek and get yourself some of these today.  I warn you,they won't last long!