Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'll Tumble For You

Well it seems as though I have a knack for getting hurt NOT while running or at yoga, or really doing anything at all to speak of.

I went out to fill my bird feeder, and my dog decided she had to get out the door a little faster than I did.  Then, I twisted my ankle.

Long story short, its three weeks later and I'm still nursing a swollen ankle that looks like my jeans dyed it a funky purple blue.

It keeps blizzarding outside so I'm not missing fabulous days running on the trails.  However, poor Roxy is going stir crazy inside without our runs.

Before my ankle sprain I was feeling a little less motivated to head out into the cold temperatures and run.  However, once again I've found inspiration and learning in an injury and I now realized that no matter what the thermometer says I'm blessed to be able to get outside and run with my dog.

I am counting the days until I can get back out there and in the meantime working on my meditation skills, core stability and of course, patience.

I have purchased myself a new pair of running shoes, just as I do every year at this time and they are sitting in the box in my closet.  At first I thought they were tormenting me...however, now I understand they are smiling at me, waiting for our first date.

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