Saturday, March 2, 2013

Brad's Raw Chips Review

If you've already learned the benefits of eating whole and raw foods, you're going to love Brad's Raw Chips.  (If you don't know about how great eating healthy will make you feel, these chips will convert you!)

Brad's Raw Chips come in recyclable plastic containers that are lightweight and can easily be thrown into your work bag, laptop bag, etc.

Brad's Chips are everything you're looking for in a healthy snack; vegan, non GMO, Kosher, organic and gluten free. 

These kale chips are amazingly flavored.  It is hard to remember you're eating something healthy and it is hard to stop eating once you start.  I tried the Nacho flavor and Vampire killer Flavor.  Again, it was really hard to not want to keep eating until the container was gone.  The Nacho flavor especially is able to curb any cheesy, junk food craving you may have.  Their kale chips come in lots of other flavors too!  They also have cheddar chips, beet chips and lots more!

Oh and for the four legged friends, Brad's Raw Chips sells raw doggie treats (I have not tried these) and they will soon be releasing Raw Onion Rings!  

I need to pace myself as there isn't a store close by to me that sells Brad's Raw Chips, but you can order online here:

Their website has all sorts of great information on their products, raw eating and being healthy.  Take a peek and get yourself some of these today.  I warn you,they won't last long!

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