Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pump Up Your Smoothies

Okay I know I talk about smoothies and juicing all the time.  However, I recently was able to try out some cool ingredients.  

The first one is chia seed powder. I'm a big an of chia seeds.  I love putting them in drinks and giving myself a little afternoon energy boost.  Putting them in smoothies is great.  They are no real taste to speak of and they give you protein, omega 3s, antioxidents and fiber.  The chia powder is a little easier to add to things because it blends a bit better and is less noticeable than whole chia seeds.
The Chia Powder is also great on yogurt, in cereal and you can use it instead of flour too.  I love using this as a way to give myself a little more protein, to add a little texture to my morning breakfast and to power up from the inside out.

The next one I tried is Wheatgrass Powder.  Its a true super food.  This powder is made from fresh sweet wheatgrass and freeze dried.  Its packed with vitamins and super high in protein.  You're shocked when you add it in and it adds a wonderful kick or just a small amount.  Its an amazing color too :)
I love using the wheatgrass powder in smoothies and in dip.  Its a quick add in to just about anything and you're adding valuable nutrition.  Wheatgrass powder has Vitamin K.  That's not that easy to come by and for people who suffer from cramps, its a miracle.
If you're looking for a toxin reducer, wheatgrass is it.  Its used in many of the cleanses you can purchase.  If you're making juice, you can add it in with no problem and boost up the nutritional value.

Take a look at these two add ins and LOTS of others at the Navitas Naturals site:

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