Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kombucha Brooklyn Review

I love kombucha tea and drinks.  They are a tasty, healthy drink.  It has been shown to help digestion, fibromyalgia, and even depression.  While you should always evaluate your diet and discuss it with your doctor, I wanted to share with you Kombucha Brooklyn's at home brewing.

Buying kombucha at the store can get expensive.  Each bottle can be up to $5.  I love it though and for me, it feels great to drink.  I was really curious when I read about an at home brewing kit.  While I'm crafty and frugal in the kitchen, I'm not into things that require a lot of detail and time.

I received the home brew and I immediately dove in.  The SCOBY needs to be refrigerated so if you decide not to start right away you need to at least open it up and put it away.  You can also have the SCOBY shipped to you later if you're giving it as a gift or aren't ready to start yet.

The process is simple, add their tea to water, steep, add the included sugar, do some measuring, add the SCOBY and let it sit. The waiting is the tough part!  I checked on it every few days.  Finally, when it looked done I followed the instructions on how to take it "apart".  I did a lot of research on Kombucha Brooklyn's forum.  Its free to use and lots of other people are posting photos, questions and answers.  You can find everything from beginning help to advanced techniques here: http://kombuchabrooklyn.com/forum/index

The best part about the brew at home kit is that you can easily start another batch and for the price of the starter kit, end up with endless Kombucha!  You will make up the purchase cost in one to two batches!  I love love that I can flavor the kombucha any way I want.  You can change the tea bags you use, add fruit to the finished brew, make it sour or sweet....the possibilities are endless.

The kombucha should be bottled in glass and stored in a fridge.  I "processed" a batch and started a new batch in 30 minutes today.  This would make a great gift for the health food nut in your life or for yourself!  Take a peek at all that Kombuncha Brooklyn has to offer here:

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