Friday, April 26, 2013

What I've Learned on the Road

As you know, I've spent the past two weeks on the road.  We've traveled from CT to New Orleans and back, with various stops along the way.  I've cataloged our journey through blog entries and have an amazing time doing it.  However, there are some lessons I've learned in the past two weeks that I wanted to share with you.

1.  Sometimes you go int he wrong direction.  Even with maps, and GPS and common sense, it happens.  Get off at the next exit, turn around and buy a ice cream on the way.

2. Bring less.  I worse just about every last thing I brought.  I didn't over pack, and I had a variety of things with me. Less is more, especially when you have to carry it in and out of about a dozen hotels. This goes back to what I tell my clients-love everything you have and have less of it. Your life will be filled with joy and comfort.

3.  Hidden gems are the best.  When you are so focused on getting some place, that you forget to look around, you miss some of the most beautiful views and fun stops.  Be willing to change plans and take a side trip.

4.  Be flexible.  Never have your heart and mind set so intently on something that it ruins your day if things change.  Move through life like water-strong and powerful but able to be moved with ease.

5.  Enjoy the local culture.  Embrace new foods, new people and new customs.  When in Rome.....experience how the Romans'll be glad you did.

6.  Have fun, even when things aren't fun.  You can make anything fun if you try hard enough.  Most of life is how you think about it and your attitude towards it.  Problems aren't problems, your mind set towards them is the problem.

As with any travel, I feel just a little different returning home, a little wiser, a little more fun and a little more worldly.  I feel so thankful and blessed for having had this opportunity to travel the country and see so many beautiful sites.  We live in an amazing country and experiencing it via car was one of the best things I've ever had the please of doing. I thank my fearless "captain" Matt for working so hard on the trip; before, after and during.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

States We Drove Though~Day 15

Well it is day 15 and we are headed home.  We are filled with happiness and joy after having had an amazing trip together. We are calling this our second honeymoon!  We are in love, all over again, with road tripping and love seeing parts of the country that you don't other wise get to see.  We were able to take this trip due to my speaking engagement and work in New Orleans, so I'm feeling very blessed to be able to do what I do.

States we drove though on the way down:
New York
New Jersey
Washington D.C.
North Caroline

States we drove through on the way back: (Different from above)
West Virginia

We came home to a loud family dinner of pizza and laughs.  It was great to see Roxy, snuggle her (once she remembered who I was!), start unpacking, hand out the presents we bought and just get and give lots of hugs!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Road Trip Day 14

We woke up and headed to Churchill Downs.  We had stayed at the Galt House hotel-the official hotel of the Kentucky Derby and the largest hotel in Louisville.

The state of Indiana was right out our window and we even drove over the bridge to it and turned around, just to say we'd been there.

Our hotel was really cool.  They had lots of birds in the hotel and the bar was one large fish tank!

We didn't spend long though...we were headed off to Churchill Downs first thing in the morning.

We toured the museum-which had everything from a display of hats to a virtual horse race.  We took lots of funny photos and actually learned a lot about the life of a race horse.  We also learned about the "infield", where people go to party during the hours leading up to the race.

We took a walking tour of the grounds and we saw the Paddocks where they saddle the horses before the big race.  We saw the stands, statues, the amazing landscaping and then we went out to the track itself.  We were able to actually put our feet on the track and see the whole place from track level.

We went back inside and had a famous mint Julep.  It was amazing!  We has some food too...a burger and I had a Kentucky lettuce salad.  We also had Kentucky Burgoo-a Kentucky stew.  We had Derby Pie yummy.  Here is a description for Derby Pie:

We did get to see Mind That Bird, the 2009 Kentucky Derby winner.  He was there because the Derby takes place in just a week or so.

We then traveled to the Lousiville Slugger factory and museum.  There you can actually watch them make bats.  I thought you would see a sampling of the techniques used. We were actually able to see the real workers, equipment and process, going on in front of our eyes (saw dust and all).  The wood burning and dipping were fascinating.  They even gave us mini bats on the way out.

We got back in the car and we are on the final leg of our journey.  We will be home tomorrow, with lots of memories and stories and joy in our hearts.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Road Trip Day 13

Well we had quite a day!

We left Nashville this morning but drove through their downtown and sight saw a little bit before getting on our way.

We hit a Zaxby's on the way out of town, for fear we wouldn't see anymore.

Then we headed to Kentucky!  All of a sudden we started seeing signs for the National Corvette Museum and had to stop.  We didn't have a lot of time, so we just went in and visited the gift shop, and the cars that were in the lobby.  It was pretty spectacular, even without the official tour.

We hopped back in the car and headed to Mammoth Caves.  Now, I love to hike, but I am not a big fan of caves.  The caves are immense in size.  We took a bus to to opening of the cave, which is man made.  It is an unassuming metal door, a little creepy.

You are soon traveling down almost 300 steps.  Now there is water dripping on you and in some places to rocks protrude into the walkway.  The walkway is only a hip width to begin with...
The stairs to have railings, but the stairs are steep and there is nothing underneath them or on either side. It is a creepy feeling.

Finally, you come to a "flat" spot.  Really it is the "bottom" of the tour and you sit on benches and the tour guide tells you about the river that once ran where you are sitting.

You continue to walk on some ledges-some with railings, some without.  There are some amazing views-up and down, depending on which way you are brave enough to look.

At one point the tour guide turns off all the lights and it is so dark you actually cannot see the hand right in front of your face (we tried).  The vistas are amazing and we saw cave crickets, bats, and lots of natural beauty.  I loved it and was thrilled I did it.  Terrified at times?  Yes.  Happy to see daylight again?  Yes.

We then headed to Fort Knox....we got lost and skipped it...

We stopped by the Zappos plant...they offer discounts on items that they didn't sell....not as exciting as I'd hoped, but cool to see the plant.

Finally, we headed to Lousiville.  We drove around and saw the University of Louisville, drove over the water to Indiana, and ate at an amazing bbq place.

Our food was AMAZING and I even tried some local bourbon.

We have a full day planned tomorrow and we are getting anxious to see our family and doggie, but sad to see our amazing trip come to an end.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Road Trip Day 12

I don't have a lot to report today...we spent most of the day in the car.

However, we woke up in Pensacola and had an AMAZING breakfast with our friends.  I got some more doggie snuggles in and we enjoyed the sun and the weather before heading out.

We stopped in Montgomery for a short time to see the city and see the spot where Rosa parks refused to give up her seat.

We arrived in Nashville and went out for BBQ.  However, the restaurant was out of everything but catfish.  We tried over and over to go to another local place, but at 9:30 on a Sunday night everything was closed.  We had PFChang's!

Tomorrow we are headed to Kentucky!

Road Trip Day 11

Today was the day we pulled out of New Orleans.  We packed up and headed out of town.  We headed to Pensacola where we have some dear friends who were letting us stay with them.

We arrived and immediately started having fun.  We headed to the beach where we picked shells, played on the singing sand, and put our feet in the water.

Our next stop was a local bar called Paradise.  We got a picnic table on the beach and had the local drink, called bushwakers.  It is a frosty, coffee flavored drink with a kick.  It goes down smoothly and was a perfect start to the evening.

We then traveled by car and saw the adorable downtown and main street areas.  We stopped at the Pensacola Brewery and picked up some local beer and looked at their manufacturing facility.

We then went to Joe Patti's market and got some fresh local fish.  You can see the shrimp boats at the dock. Also on the dock at lots of pelicans.

We went back to our friends' home, and had the shrimp we picked up along with the beer we picked up. It was amazing.

We then went to a restaurant called the Grand Marlin.  The restaurant was on the water and the decor was amazing.  Retro, classy beach theme...
We started with drinks and I got a lemon drop martini and Matt got a fancy bushwaker.  Both were amazing...
We had crawfish beignets...which were amazing and savory.
I had coconut shrimp and Matt had swordfish.  Both were fresh and the best we'd ever tasted.  I had a piece of key lime pie and it was sweet and tart and everything you think a piece of key lime pie in Florida should be.

We rolled back home where we relaxed for a little bit before crawling into bed and having one of the best nights sleep I ever had.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Road Trip Day 10

Okay so today was out last full day in the city.  I spent some time in the morning visiting with friends and making new ones at the NAPO Expo.  I'm bummed I was unable to actually officially attend the conference.  Because of that I missed the BCPO induction of new officers, but maybe next year.

We did spend some time watching things unravel in Boston.  The city was on lockdown today and our heart strings were with our friends and family back home.

We did eventually venture out.  The monsoon of the morning had died down.  However, it was very chilly and windy out.

We walked and bought some postcards and some more nifty gifties for people back home.   We then sat down at Cafe du Monde got ourselves another round of cafe au lait and beignets.  They were even more amazing than they first batch we'd had. And we learned our lesson about sharing this time!

We visited some parks and Matt took more photos and we did some walking and just enjoyed the scenery.  Finally, we came back to the hotel and got take out at a great restaurant we visited earlier in the week....Huck Finn's.  I had (yet another) bowl of gumbo and some boudin balls.

I will miss New Orleans.  It is a great city with lots of culture and history. We are putting this on our "visit again" list for sure!

Road Trip Day Nine

Today was one of the most action packed days of our trips.  I had a run through for my presentation in the morning. Then we headed out to Magazine Street which has lots of unique shops.  We thought it was "just around the corner".  Well it was about three miles down and my feet were ill prepared in their current shoes.

We did have some great coffee and a vegan blondie and I found a great running store!  Instead of buying myself a plain New Orleans tee, I got myself a great running tee and a Sweaty Band with the saying "Live Easy, Run Hard".  I may have fallen in love with a doggie at the store too and it was hard to leave her there, especially because her owner was debating keeping her.

I came back and got ready for my presentation. We had a great time presenting and it was a lot of fun.  The room was packed and the questions and requests for info after are still pouring in.  I'm quite proud of what we did and how we did it.  I think it was a valuable session.

I then went to the CPO reception. It is for organizers who have earned the designation Certified Professional Organizer.  Don't let the name fool you, we know how you have a good time.

After that, we headed out to Emeril's restaurant with the Neat Co. crew.
The food was amazing-we had everything from banana cream pie, to frogs legs, escargot, mac and cheese and great wine.  It was a wonderful New Orleans experience and with great company.  We had a lot of laughs and a lot of fun.....

Just an example of how nice people here are...we were looking for a cab on our way back to the hotel and we accidentally waved down an airport shuttle.  He told us to hop in and took us back!

We are coming up on our last day in the Big Easy so there are lots of things to see and eat!
Gotta go!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Road Trip Day Eight

Today was half work and half I'm going to fill you in on the play portion.  We got up and headed out to a town called Slidell.  The town has a swamp called Honey Island Swamp.

You drive and drive and drive out into the middle of nowhere and then you come up on the Cajun Encounters building.  Then you are led down to a boat and you sit on benches.  We went slowly at first, then went fast enough so we got pretty wet.  We then started to go slowly through the swamp and seeing lots of wildlife.

We saw alligators, birds, snakes and even pigs.  I had no idea that alligators ate marshmallows.  We saw big ones and small ones.  They were super silent and low profile in the water.  I was also amazed at how powerful they are the how big their teeth are.

I had no idea that pigs lived in the swamp! We saw a large pig they call bacon and two smaller pigs they call ham sandwiches.  They were adorable and wanted food so badly the largest tried to come into the boat!

Almost as cool to see was the swamp itself.  The water just goes forever it seems and all the plants and trees grow out of it.  It was really beautiful to see.

I loved being out in the water and hearing everything the guide had to tell us.  We even looked at some homes that didn't make it through Katrina and others that had been rebuilt.  The swamp is a diverse eco system that is fascinating to take a peek into!

I had to come back to work for the afternoon...but then we went out for dinner at Crescent Brewery and had a mini beer sampler and some amazing shrimp and bread pudding.  Good thing all the restaurants are within walking distance, it gives us a chance to burn off some calories and digest!

One of the creepiest things we've seen thus far is an amusement park on the side of the road.  I did a little Googling and found out that it was a Six Flags.  It closed a few days before Katrina hit in anticipation of the storm.  The area flooded with water that contained salt and did not recede for over two weeks.  The rides were destroyed and the park was abandoned.

We did stop by Harrah's Canino on our way back.  I'd never been in a casino before...I was amazed at all the lights and noise and theming...not my kind of place, but super cool to see.

More tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Road Trip Day Seven

Well today I don't have much to report.  I spent my day in a leadership seminar and a board meeting. We accomplished a lot, and I was able to meet lots of great people, reconnect with others and just generally be a part of the amazing industry called professional organizing.  I am always amazing at the energy, friendliness, and brilliance that is abundant when I am with my fellow professional organizers.  

I'm lucky to be a part of this amazing community.

Matt and I did go out for yet another amazing meal.  For the first time we tried red beans and rice and for dessert, more beignets.   The weather is warm and balmy and the streets are packed at all hours of the day.  I love energy of the city.

Here is a photo of our hotel...

Monday, April 15, 2013

Road Trip Day Six

Today was the first day we didn't have to pack up our luggage and move on!

We woke up and I went to the hotel gym.  It is quite large and it was packed this morning.  I then went down to Starbucks.  It is quite nice to have one in the lobby, making it easier to follow my dietary guidelines and a little more fun.

We then headed out to explore.  Bourbon Street is covered with bars.  They are all quite small and dark.  They were all wide open, with people at the bars at ten am this morning.

There are some small shops and all of the streets have a unique combination of old buildings, new buildings, stores and history.  The sidewalks and streets are cobblestone or uneven pavement.  It is clear they need to be cleaned up every night.

We then walked over the French Quarter. We looked at the shops and bought some post cards and things to bring home to family.

We visited Cafe du Monde-famous for its beignets or french doughnuts.  They were amazing and even after we were finished with them, the bag was full of powdered sugar.  We made the mistake of splitting and

The cafe au lait (chickory coffee with milk) was great iced and hot.

We went through the farmer's market and the flea market and saw the river.  The large flood gates that can close them needed are a reminder of the flooding that occurred and could again.

We ate lunch at a famous place called The Gumbo Shop.  They have a small menu of classic favorites.  Matt had jambalaya and I had gumbo.  We both loved our food.  Of course, every meals seems to come with a large roll of french bread.

We took a break to drop things off and heard about Boston and watched the coverage for a while. It hits me close to home as I had friends and family there today and I feel as though running and the community surrounding it is humanity in its purest form.  To have something like this happen is shocking and sickening.

We did decide to head back out and try the street cars.  We did and when the street car track was being repaired, they put you on a bus.  The bus then left us in the middle of no we had to do a little fast thinking and talking to get back on another bus and find our way back.  A nice bus driver helped us out.

We ordered food in because we wanted to watch coverage. Finding things I can eat is a little tough, but I am trying my best to try local fare and enjoy it.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Road Trip Day Five

Okay I wish I had something fun to post today.  It was our day for arriving and getting settled into our hotel room.

We traveling from Birmingham to New Orleans with a few breaks for food, bathroom stops, etc. We did start out by finding a Costco and buying some more cases of bottles water and fresh fruit.  We stopped at Whole Foods to buy some protein bars, Aloe water, Chia Drinks, Kombucha drinks and fresh juice.  I really realized how much I save by making all that at home myself!  Anyway, we have a fridge in our room which will keep us healthy and save money too.

We drove through Mississippi.  We were miles from anything.  Even the Starbucks app couldn't manage to find a store even close to us  At home, I can find six within 15 minutes.

We ate dinner in the hotel lobby and we tried gumbo. I'm in love with it and already thinking of ways I could make it healthy at home.

Our hotel is quite nice and we are on the 45th floor.  It is a bit odd being up so high.  We have these floor to ceiling doors that open up to reveal a floor to ceiling window.  You can walk right up and see the River and lots of the city.

We walked around for a little while, but came back since we didn't know where we were headed.

The city clearly doesn't sleep.  It is Sunday night and it is packed and LOUD, even from 45 floors up!

The hotel has a great fitness center I plan to hit in the morning.  Tomorrow ill be more interesting as we will be sight seeing!

Road Trip Day Four

We woke up in Chatanooga and were lucky enough to be fairly close to a Starbucks.  I hadn't had one since I left home, so it was a welcome stop.

We then headed to Georgia...we were taking back roads and saw the prettiest scenery on the way.  The river had white water and was apparently a really popular activity.  We got to see lots of rafts at different levels along the river.  I grabbed a photo out of the car window.

We finally got to Springer Mountain and there is a road that goes up the mountain.  It is about seven miles of uncared for dirt with right angle turns.  It was an adventure.  As you get discouraged that there really isn't anything on the mountain, you come across a parking lot PACKED with people and cars.

There are lots of trails that lead all over the mountain and you could hike for a long time.  However, the most popular trail leads to the summit of Springer Mountain where the AT begins.  At the top, there is a nice view, a metal box placed inside a rock with a sign in book, some prayer flags and some special markers.

There were a lot of people at the top, all very talkative.  We met some people who were starting their journey on the AT.  We met lots of families and we even met a border collie who immediately brought me her stick to throw.

The hike was fairly easy, but full of rocks, roots and mud.  It took about 20+ minutes to make it to the top and even less to get back down.

We then made a detour and stopped to see the Talladega Speedway.  It was closed so there wasn't much to see.  However, we were shocked at how large the stadium was and how many people clearly come to a Nascar event.

We ate dinner as a Southern fast food place, Zaxby's.  They only serve chicken and they know how to fry it and make it awesome!

We spent the night in Birmingham and are headed to New Orleans for the longest stay of our trip.  We will first stop and stock up on bottled water, food, fruit and snacks.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Road Trip Day Three

We started day three in Roanoke, Virgina and headed off to find the Smoky Mountains.  We drove for about four hours and landed in a place called Gatlinburg, TN and stopped there for lunch.  It was an eclectic place.  They have all sorts of go carts, water slides, dinner shows and themed buildings.  If you don't know what you are driving into, it is quite startling.

This is also the home of Dollywood and lots of Ripley's attractions so it is quite a sight.  The roads are packed with people.

Some of the most interesting things we did:

A moonshine factory.  You get to taste the moonshine.  Some of it is 100 proof.  It was shockingly yummy and they had flavors such as apple pie, pink lemonade and blueberry.

There was a beef jerky factory.

Signs for a talking pig.

The Hatfield and McCoy's dinner show.

We then drove to Clingman's Dome.  It is part of the AT and you can drive up the mountain.  The road is steep and beautiful driving up.  You park the car and then walk up a half mile "trail" (it is paved), to the top.  The trail was called steep on the website.  It should have been called vertical.  At the top there is a unique observatory that marks the highest part of the AT and a beautiful place to see for miles.

We then hopped back in the car, headed to Chatanooga but stopped to see the University of Tennessee on our way through.

Our hotel was another amazing Priceline deal....we slept in and we're now on the road again!  More to come!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Road Trip Days 1 and 2

Well we left CT around nine am on Day 1.  We had a leisurely morning.  I worked out, we showered, packed the coolers and packed the car.

We traveled to DC with a stop at Wawa, a great travel stop with great deli sandwiches and the best diet iced tea lemonade.

We have been using Priceline for our hotels and in DC we were able to get a four star hotel for $80.  Just as we pulled up, the tire pressure gauge went off in the car.  I hopped out and heard a hissing.  We moved quickly and I took the luggage into our hotel room and Matt took the car to have the tired plugged.

This delayed us a little bit and we decided to just grab dinner and relax.  We are at one of our favorite places in the DC area...a mexican restaurant called La Sandia.

We got a good night's rest and moved leisurely again the next morning.  We arrived at the National Zoo as they opened and saw the new elephant exhibit, and the giant pandas.  I was able to get some great phone photos and video.

After this we grabbed some snacks in the car while we circled to find a parking spot at the cherry blossom festival.  We walked around the water and saw all the blossoms.  There are 2,000 trees that bloom around this time of year.  They looking amazing, smell wonderful and the effect with all the blossoms and the petals flying around is a little magical.

After that we hopped back in the car, and headed to Roanoke, VA.  We are staying here tonight and ate dinner at this old fashioned landmark called Pop's.  They serve grilled cheese with popcorn and a smily fry.  They are famous for their ice cream. We had the beehive sundae.  It was butter pecan ice cream with local wildflower honey and fresh orange whipped cream.  A-mazing!

Tomorrow we're off to Tennessee!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Onzie Clothing Review

Okay we all know about the recent problems with yoga brands. Well I have found another one you are going to love.  The Onzie is an amazing line of fun, technical and fashionable yoga and workout clothing.

Onzie clothing has some really unique designs, like their sleeveless hoodie and some amazing patterns, like their Galaxy print.

Their fabrics are so soft and luxurious that you can't believe these are functional workout clothes.
I tried out their Criss-Cross bra first.  I am not a large chested girl so finding a sports bra that is supportive and cute and doesn't make me look completely flat is a hard thing to do.  Well this bra does it all.  And it was comfortable enough I wore it all day and didn't have any bra marks or uncomfortableness.  These bras are much less than bras at some of the other high end workout stores AND they are made in the USA.  The back's adorable "criss-cross" makes you not so worries about your straps peeking out too!

The Gypsy Pant is my new favorite article of clothing.  They are made of free flow jersey and are the most flattering and comfortable things you've ever slipped on.  The drawstrings on the bottom allow you to adjust the length.  The wide top waist band lets you wear them on your hips, up higher, whatever you choose.  You can wear these for just about anything.  Yoga, running, or even running errands.  Anything you want to look going doing while feeling great, these are your pants.

Onzie has an awesome line of unique and fun workout year.  You'll be shocked you never tried their stuff before and you'll be happy you did now!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Picky Eater

I was recently sent some Picky Bars to review.  I have tried a lot of bars over time.  As a matter of fact, as soon as I see a new bar come out, I check the stores to see if its in stock.  I'm always looking for something new and tasty and healthy.  (Which as we all know is super hard to find.)
Anyway,Picky Bars are my dream come true.  They have improved over time and are an amazing whole foods option that is also great for your tastebuds.  

Whole foods are the way to go as far as nutrition.  Avoiding all of the sugar and preservatives that are prevalent in energy bars is tough to do.Pick bars are wholesome and simple.  If you can actually recognize the ingredients in the bar.  I love taking a peek before I devour it.  (Especially looking for the WHOLE chocolate chips.)  There are no soy fillers, vitamin powders, or carb blends.  It is (shockingly) real stuff!

All of their bars are gluten and dairy free and some are even vegan.  So even those with food sensitivities or dietary guidelines can enjoy.

More importantly, I felt great after eating the bar.  It looked small but it enough to fuel a tough workout, or furl a tough work day.  My favorite flavor is Lauren's Mega Nuts.  The bars are packed in small foil packages.  They stay contained and are easy to throw into a bag or purse.  I always have one in my running bag, in the center console of my car and in my purse.  These bars aren't hard on your stomach like a lot of other bars.  These can be eaten right before run or other workout and you won't have any digestive issues.  

These bars aren't going to break the bank either.  You can buy a box of ten for $22.99  at  I've already placed an order for more :)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Trials and Tribulations

Well the past few weeks have been a little hectic....I finally saw a doc and I asked her if I could race this weekend...she laughed and me and said no.  So, the April race I usually run is off.  I'm dealing with the disappointment and frustration about my training and why I had to sprain my ankle doing nothing even worth talking about.  But I have to believe I was meant to learn this lesson, a little patience and acceptance.

And I'm turing my attentions to the "cross" country road trip we are taking next week.  We are driving to New Orleans which I am presenting at the National Association of Professional Organizers Annual Conference.

So we are carefully mapping our route and I'm carefully planning my packing an organize does.  So expect a little less running and yoga posts coming up and a little more of our, facts, and a little diary aspect...coming your way.

We are planning on starting in CT, heading to DC, then heading to Tennessee, doing some sightseeing and hiking along the way, and ending up in NOLA for about a week.

So if you have any suggestions as to what we should see or do, let us know!!!

Snacks, briefcase, hiking bag and case of water...ready to go...

Travel and business clothes, shoes, first aid kit, and toiletries...ready to go!(
Elephant humidifier is not

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Reverence Apparel Review

I was recently able to try out a tank top from Reverence Apparel.  These tanks have messages of empowerment and fitness.  They are a little happy fortune cookie you can wear every day!  

These tanks are soft, beautifully colors and amazing to wear.  They are slim fitting, but they "flow" over you and act as a wonderful workout top.  They stay in place, allow you to stay cool and look adorable.  They are just long enough to stay in place while you move and groove.  

I love throwing the tank on after yoga class.  It looks cute and allows me to look great while heading out for coffee.  I get stopped every time I wear this with compliments!

These tanks are pre shrunk and made of poly and cotton.  The cotton keeps it comfy and the poly keeps you dry.  The laid back style of this is adorable at the gym, on a run or at the store.  I end up wanting to wear mine over and over again and it looks as cute with a sweatshirt and jeans as it does with running crops.

I love these tanks as a present for your Mom, sister, aunt, any lady in your life you could use a little boost (and who couldn't).  Mother's Day and Graduations are coming up, so pick up a few now!

She sells tees and long sleeve tops too.  Browse through the slogans, I promise you will have a hard time picking just one!  Each tank is hand printed by the founder!  

Take a view a peek at her whole line of products here: