Friday, April 19, 2013

Road Trip Day 10

Okay so today was out last full day in the city.  I spent some time in the morning visiting with friends and making new ones at the NAPO Expo.  I'm bummed I was unable to actually officially attend the conference.  Because of that I missed the BCPO induction of new officers, but maybe next year.

We did spend some time watching things unravel in Boston.  The city was on lockdown today and our heart strings were with our friends and family back home.

We did eventually venture out.  The monsoon of the morning had died down.  However, it was very chilly and windy out.

We walked and bought some postcards and some more nifty gifties for people back home.   We then sat down at Cafe du Monde got ourselves another round of cafe au lait and beignets.  They were even more amazing than they first batch we'd had. And we learned our lesson about sharing this time!

We visited some parks and Matt took more photos and we did some walking and just enjoyed the scenery.  Finally, we came back to the hotel and got take out at a great restaurant we visited earlier in the week....Huck Finn's.  I had (yet another) bowl of gumbo and some boudin balls.

I will miss New Orleans.  It is a great city with lots of culture and history. We are putting this on our "visit again" list for sure!

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