Friday, April 12, 2013

Road Trip Days 1 and 2

Well we left CT around nine am on Day 1.  We had a leisurely morning.  I worked out, we showered, packed the coolers and packed the car.

We traveled to DC with a stop at Wawa, a great travel stop with great deli sandwiches and the best diet iced tea lemonade.

We have been using Priceline for our hotels and in DC we were able to get a four star hotel for $80.  Just as we pulled up, the tire pressure gauge went off in the car.  I hopped out and heard a hissing.  We moved quickly and I took the luggage into our hotel room and Matt took the car to have the tired plugged.

This delayed us a little bit and we decided to just grab dinner and relax.  We are at one of our favorite places in the DC area...a mexican restaurant called La Sandia.

We got a good night's rest and moved leisurely again the next morning.  We arrived at the National Zoo as they opened and saw the new elephant exhibit, and the giant pandas.  I was able to get some great phone photos and video.

After this we grabbed some snacks in the car while we circled to find a parking spot at the cherry blossom festival.  We walked around the water and saw all the blossoms.  There are 2,000 trees that bloom around this time of year.  They looking amazing, smell wonderful and the effect with all the blossoms and the petals flying around is a little magical.

After that we hopped back in the car, and headed to Roanoke, VA.  We are staying here tonight and ate dinner at this old fashioned landmark called Pop's.  They serve grilled cheese with popcorn and a smily fry.  They are famous for their ice cream. We had the beehive sundae.  It was butter pecan ice cream with local wildflower honey and fresh orange whipped cream.  A-mazing!

Tomorrow we're off to Tennessee!!

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