Monday, April 22, 2013

Road Trip Day 13

Well we had quite a day!

We left Nashville this morning but drove through their downtown and sight saw a little bit before getting on our way.

We hit a Zaxby's on the way out of town, for fear we wouldn't see anymore.

Then we headed to Kentucky!  All of a sudden we started seeing signs for the National Corvette Museum and had to stop.  We didn't have a lot of time, so we just went in and visited the gift shop, and the cars that were in the lobby.  It was pretty spectacular, even without the official tour.

We hopped back in the car and headed to Mammoth Caves.  Now, I love to hike, but I am not a big fan of caves.  The caves are immense in size.  We took a bus to to opening of the cave, which is man made.  It is an unassuming metal door, a little creepy.

You are soon traveling down almost 300 steps.  Now there is water dripping on you and in some places to rocks protrude into the walkway.  The walkway is only a hip width to begin with...
The stairs to have railings, but the stairs are steep and there is nothing underneath them or on either side. It is a creepy feeling.

Finally, you come to a "flat" spot.  Really it is the "bottom" of the tour and you sit on benches and the tour guide tells you about the river that once ran where you are sitting.

You continue to walk on some ledges-some with railings, some without.  There are some amazing views-up and down, depending on which way you are brave enough to look.

At one point the tour guide turns off all the lights and it is so dark you actually cannot see the hand right in front of your face (we tried).  The vistas are amazing and we saw cave crickets, bats, and lots of natural beauty.  I loved it and was thrilled I did it.  Terrified at times?  Yes.  Happy to see daylight again?  Yes.

We then headed to Fort Knox....we got lost and skipped it...

We stopped by the Zappos plant...they offer discounts on items that they didn't sell....not as exciting as I'd hoped, but cool to see the plant.

Finally, we headed to Lousiville.  We drove around and saw the University of Louisville, drove over the water to Indiana, and ate at an amazing bbq place.

Our food was AMAZING and I even tried some local bourbon.

We have a full day planned tomorrow and we are getting anxious to see our family and doggie, but sad to see our amazing trip come to an end.

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