Sunday, April 21, 2013

Road Trip Day 11

Today was the day we pulled out of New Orleans.  We packed up and headed out of town.  We headed to Pensacola where we have some dear friends who were letting us stay with them.

We arrived and immediately started having fun.  We headed to the beach where we picked shells, played on the singing sand, and put our feet in the water.

Our next stop was a local bar called Paradise.  We got a picnic table on the beach and had the local drink, called bushwakers.  It is a frosty, coffee flavored drink with a kick.  It goes down smoothly and was a perfect start to the evening.

We then traveled by car and saw the adorable downtown and main street areas.  We stopped at the Pensacola Brewery and picked up some local beer and looked at their manufacturing facility.

We then went to Joe Patti's market and got some fresh local fish.  You can see the shrimp boats at the dock. Also on the dock at lots of pelicans.

We went back to our friends' home, and had the shrimp we picked up along with the beer we picked up. It was amazing.

We then went to a restaurant called the Grand Marlin.  The restaurant was on the water and the decor was amazing.  Retro, classy beach theme...
We started with drinks and I got a lemon drop martini and Matt got a fancy bushwaker.  Both were amazing...
We had crawfish beignets...which were amazing and savory.
I had coconut shrimp and Matt had swordfish.  Both were fresh and the best we'd ever tasted.  I had a piece of key lime pie and it was sweet and tart and everything you think a piece of key lime pie in Florida should be.

We rolled back home where we relaxed for a little bit before crawling into bed and having one of the best nights sleep I ever had.

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