Sunday, April 14, 2013

Road Trip Day Five

Okay I wish I had something fun to post today.  It was our day for arriving and getting settled into our hotel room.

We traveling from Birmingham to New Orleans with a few breaks for food, bathroom stops, etc. We did start out by finding a Costco and buying some more cases of bottles water and fresh fruit.  We stopped at Whole Foods to buy some protein bars, Aloe water, Chia Drinks, Kombucha drinks and fresh juice.  I really realized how much I save by making all that at home myself!  Anyway, we have a fridge in our room which will keep us healthy and save money too.

We drove through Mississippi.  We were miles from anything.  Even the Starbucks app couldn't manage to find a store even close to us  At home, I can find six within 15 minutes.

We ate dinner in the hotel lobby and we tried gumbo. I'm in love with it and already thinking of ways I could make it healthy at home.

Our hotel is quite nice and we are on the 45th floor.  It is a bit odd being up so high.  We have these floor to ceiling doors that open up to reveal a floor to ceiling window.  You can walk right up and see the River and lots of the city.

We walked around for a little while, but came back since we didn't know where we were headed.

The city clearly doesn't sleep.  It is Sunday night and it is packed and LOUD, even from 45 floors up!

The hotel has a great fitness center I plan to hit in the morning.  Tomorrow ill be more interesting as we will be sight seeing!

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