Monday, April 15, 2013

Road Trip Day Six

Today was the first day we didn't have to pack up our luggage and move on!

We woke up and I went to the hotel gym.  It is quite large and it was packed this morning.  I then went down to Starbucks.  It is quite nice to have one in the lobby, making it easier to follow my dietary guidelines and a little more fun.

We then headed out to explore.  Bourbon Street is covered with bars.  They are all quite small and dark.  They were all wide open, with people at the bars at ten am this morning.

There are some small shops and all of the streets have a unique combination of old buildings, new buildings, stores and history.  The sidewalks and streets are cobblestone or uneven pavement.  It is clear they need to be cleaned up every night.

We then walked over the French Quarter. We looked at the shops and bought some post cards and things to bring home to family.

We visited Cafe du Monde-famous for its beignets or french doughnuts.  They were amazing and even after we were finished with them, the bag was full of powdered sugar.  We made the mistake of splitting and

The cafe au lait (chickory coffee with milk) was great iced and hot.

We went through the farmer's market and the flea market and saw the river.  The large flood gates that can close them needed are a reminder of the flooding that occurred and could again.

We ate lunch at a famous place called The Gumbo Shop.  They have a small menu of classic favorites.  Matt had jambalaya and I had gumbo.  We both loved our food.  Of course, every meals seems to come with a large roll of french bread.

We took a break to drop things off and heard about Boston and watched the coverage for a while. It hits me close to home as I had friends and family there today and I feel as though running and the community surrounding it is humanity in its purest form.  To have something like this happen is shocking and sickening.

We did decide to head back out and try the street cars.  We did and when the street car track was being repaired, they put you on a bus.  The bus then left us in the middle of no we had to do a little fast thinking and talking to get back on another bus and find our way back.  A nice bus driver helped us out.

We ordered food in because we wanted to watch coverage. Finding things I can eat is a little tough, but I am trying my best to try local fare and enjoy it.

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