Monday, December 30, 2013

Darn Tough

So I am becoming a bit of a sock enthusiast.  I recently came across a new brand called Darn Tough.  They are made in Vermont and come in all sorts of beautiful colors!

I normally stay away from wool.  However these are not itchy at all, like I feared they might be.  Instead your feet feel snuggly :)

These hug your foot in a nice way, but aren't too tight.  There are no seams  to dig in or create hot spots or blisters on your toes or ankles.
Click to see all of Darn Tough's socks!

They also stay in place and don't slip down into your shoes!  That's especially important in the winter months when snow could seep in.

I had no idea but wool is naturally antimicrobial.  It repels bacteria and therefore stink.  Those sheep know what they are doing!

Contrary to popular belief wool isn't always hot.  It keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer and they wick all year through.

Darn Tough sells socks for running, biking, hiking and just looking good heading to the store.  They make socks for men and women.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Darby Smart Crafting

This is completely unrelated to yoga or running or just about anything I've covered before, but it does have to do with my craft obsession.  I recently found out about Darby Smart.  They are a subscription company that offers ready to make craft kits.

These craft kits come with everything you need to make a craft. I love that you are given just enough supplies to complete what you need. It's probably not the most cost effective way to purchase craft supplies, however, I don't have to spend time online shopping or driving around trying to find just what I need.

Each kit comes with instructions too so it's easy to try something you've never done before.  I was able to try my hand at glass etching with an easy to follow kit.  I really enjoyed it.  I loved that the kit didn't take hours or days to complete, it was something I could do while watching TV.  I have plenty of glass etching creme left over as well as the reusable stencils so this is something I can do over and over again now that I know how.

There are lots of kits from candles to tote bags to ring holders.  I like the kits that are designed for a set of friends to get together and create.  What an awesome party activity and favor in one!  The kits are affordable.  The cheapest was $19 and at the time I'm writing this they had free shipping too!

I want to try my hand at making soy candles next!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside.

Today's run was 5 degrees with the windchill. Roxy and I both had our winter finest on. It was amazing to see the sun on the sparking snow, feel the holiday spirit in the air and see Roxy's happiest as she frolicked in the snow. There are some reasons to love winter running.

We have been running all fall and as the temperature drops it takes a little planning to make sure I have the right clothes picked out.  I do a lot of checking the weather and hoping it doesn't ice over on the trails.  

I do make mistakes.  It's hard to remember the perfect outfit for every temperature. For example, I've been running without gloves.  Ooops.  About a mile in I couldn't feel my thumbs and I tucked them inside my jacket.

I have also felt a little cold on my legs, but without adding another layer, it's just going to be that way. And once I get into the groove of the run, it doesn't bother me that much.

I have put the Yak Trax on for the winter.  They are metal springs that wrap around the bottom of my shoes.  While I don't need them for every single step of my run, for the parts on ice and snow, they are perfect.  They really give you the traction that you need to be comfortable.

Roxy has been wearing her boots, much to her dismay.  She needs to wear them to avoid salt in her paws and possible cuts by ice.

There will be some days that I stay inside-super cold, icy or too dangerous to drive to the trails.  However, I remember every winter that I love being outside in the winter sun and experiencing everything New England has to offer.  It's a way to really get in touch with why you run.  

And while doing long runs isn't as feasible or fun in the winter, I will tell you that sometimes you push a little harder to get back to a hot shower, yummy latte or fleecy slippers :)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Back to Yoga

Due to traveling, health issues and scheduling I haven't been to yoga in….well….let's say a while.
I find that once you start not going to something you get out of the habit and then it becomes a stressor. You think about the fitness you are losing, the skills that are getting rusty and then, I got a little nervous about going back.  But, eventually I talked myself into it, packed up my mat and courage and headed back.

The first class was rough.  I won't lie.  I sweat a LOT and after just the warm up I could feel my arms asking why we had left the house.  However, a lot of the alignments, movements and balancing came back to me right away.  My mind was anxious but my body knew what it was doing.  And, I knew I always had the ability to take child's pose.

The day after I could hardly walk.  The second day after?  Let's just say my body was angry at me.  I was on a business trip and I took the elevated to my hotel room, something I never do.

However, I was already addicted again.  I went back a few days after I got home from my trip and this time was able to do more, and I wasn't wore at all afterwards.  I am modifying from where I was but I think the biggest lesson that yoga has to teach me is that it's not about pushing and reaching all the time.  Sometimes, it's about being and finding contentment.  I've always been a type a over achiever and it's hard not to take that onto my mat.

The thing I missed the most while I wasn't doing yoga?  The warm heat that comes off of you after you leave class. Yoga is the shaking of my life's Etch a Sketch, it erases all the chaos and stress that arise.
So, I'm fully addicted, all over again.

Monday, December 9, 2013


Just a few more reasons to get into #childspose

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Holidays

The holidays have always been one of my favorite times of the year. As long as I can remember I was enchanted by the lights, decorations and the feeling the season brings on.  My mom tells me that I used to want to put the Christmas decorations up the day after Thanksgiving.

For me, it was always about the special times with my family.  My grandmother would come to stay with us during the holidays and everyone would work all day to cook and then we'd watch movies together and play games, listen to music, play pool and relax.  I loved that interaction and those moments.

I don't remember a lot of gifts that I received as a kid. But I do remember all those times and some of the TV specials we watch and the food we ate.  That's what made my childhood special.

And now, I'm all grown up and I get to decorate So this year, we decorated the day after Thanksgiving.

I have a few mini trees too.  Our alma matter, The University of Maine releases an ornament every year and we have all of them.  I have a mini tree with our school colors in lights and garland, a mini mitten as a topper and some UMaine trees around the base.  The tree was once smaller, but it's grown as the ornaments got too heavy!

I also have a small Rhode Island tree. This is filled with ornaments that depict areas around RI.  This tree is very special as it was my grandmother's in the last years of her life.  I added some Cat's Meow buildings from my home town and some star fish to represent the sea.

And of course, we have a large tree.  This tree special too.  It was bought by my in laws the year before my husband was born.  It's so meaningful I'm pretty sure we won't ever get rid of it.  It does require a little repair every year though.  Oh and all of our ornaments are meaningful and bought to represent a new beginning or an event in our lives.  Putting them on every year is like looking at a photo album.

Overall I'm still loving the holidays and all they offer.  I wish I had more time with family, but the magic is still there.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I know this is a tad late, but I wanted to do a blog post about the things I am thankful for in my life.
This is a list that won't be as complete as I'd like it and I could go on and on about some of these things.  However, I will keep it short and sweet for you.

1.  My career.  I love being self employed.  I all admit there are days where it is lonely, frustrating and downright maddening.  However, most days I love that I can be as ambitious as I want to be and I get to be creative, work with new people every day and travel.
Here is a picture from a recent business trip I took to Washington D. C.

2.  I'm so thankful for my husband.  He can make me laugh no matter what.  We get to work together which is sometimes amazing and sometimes challenging.  However, we are on a journey together and it's different every day. I love that we've been able to grow and change together over the years.

3.  I'm so very very thankful for my friends and family.  Without them, I would not be able to challenge myself, and be willing to explore.  I'm so thrilled that I have people supporting me and willing to listen when I have a bad day.  Social media has been a big part of this.

4.  Of course I'm thankful for Roxy.  She's my little furry angel and I love the way she follows me around, snuggled, runs with me and just makes like a little more joyful each and every day.

5.  I'm thankful for books.  I've always loved to read, but I've let it slip between the cracks for years.  Now I make time to read and have started enjoying series, characters and the excitement of a new book.  I LOVE the library, support it and use it frequently.  I believe in not having the clutter of books in my home and saving the Earth through less consumption.

6.  Running and yoga.  While these have taken a back seat this year due to illnesses, injuries and carter development, I still take joy in them each and every time I participate.  I love them and they bring me peace.  I know that I will be partaking in these activities for the rest of my life.

7.  I'm thankful for the state of Maine.  It's my home and I love to spend as much time there as possible.  I love camping at Sebago Lake and soaking in the sun on Vinalhaven.  I dream of these trips all year long.