Friday, December 20, 2013

Darby Smart Crafting

This is completely unrelated to yoga or running or just about anything I've covered before, but it does have to do with my craft obsession.  I recently found out about Darby Smart.  They are a subscription company that offers ready to make craft kits.

These craft kits come with everything you need to make a craft. I love that you are given just enough supplies to complete what you need. It's probably not the most cost effective way to purchase craft supplies, however, I don't have to spend time online shopping or driving around trying to find just what I need.

Each kit comes with instructions too so it's easy to try something you've never done before.  I was able to try my hand at glass etching with an easy to follow kit.  I really enjoyed it.  I loved that the kit didn't take hours or days to complete, it was something I could do while watching TV.  I have plenty of glass etching creme left over as well as the reusable stencils so this is something I can do over and over again now that I know how.

There are lots of kits from candles to tote bags to ring holders.  I like the kits that are designed for a set of friends to get together and create.  What an awesome party activity and favor in one!  The kits are affordable.  The cheapest was $19 and at the time I'm writing this they had free shipping too!

I want to try my hand at making soy candles next!

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