Monday, December 16, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside.

Today's run was 5 degrees with the windchill. Roxy and I both had our winter finest on. It was amazing to see the sun on the sparking snow, feel the holiday spirit in the air and see Roxy's happiest as she frolicked in the snow. There are some reasons to love winter running.

We have been running all fall and as the temperature drops it takes a little planning to make sure I have the right clothes picked out.  I do a lot of checking the weather and hoping it doesn't ice over on the trails.  

I do make mistakes.  It's hard to remember the perfect outfit for every temperature. For example, I've been running without gloves.  Ooops.  About a mile in I couldn't feel my thumbs and I tucked them inside my jacket.

I have also felt a little cold on my legs, but without adding another layer, it's just going to be that way. And once I get into the groove of the run, it doesn't bother me that much.

I have put the Yak Trax on for the winter.  They are metal springs that wrap around the bottom of my shoes.  While I don't need them for every single step of my run, for the parts on ice and snow, they are perfect.  They really give you the traction that you need to be comfortable.

Roxy has been wearing her boots, much to her dismay.  She needs to wear them to avoid salt in her paws and possible cuts by ice.

There will be some days that I stay inside-super cold, icy or too dangerous to drive to the trails.  However, I remember every winter that I love being outside in the winter sun and experiencing everything New England has to offer.  It's a way to really get in touch with why you run.  

And while doing long runs isn't as feasible or fun in the winter, I will tell you that sometimes you push a little harder to get back to a hot shower, yummy latte or fleecy slippers :)

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