Saturday, December 22, 2012

Going the Distance

I recently changed my workout routine.  Its not designed so I'll run my fastest time or lift more weight than I've ever lifted before.  Its designed so I have more energy, more optimism, and more endurance.  

The new training program has allowed me to fit workouts into my schedule better.  Some are shorts and more intense and many include Roxy so I don't have to walk her AND workout.  

I also took the pressure of myself with this new program.  Instead of having every day laid out and set in stone, I have a variety of activities to choose from and I can make it fit into my schedule and my work.  Although I work from home, I spend my days in front of my computer creating content, locating customers, and networking.  Its more time consuming than any full time job I've ever had.

Anyway, I have also given myself the luxury of not wearing my GPS watch and just running until I feel like stopping.  With no mental guidelines and no pressure, I've started increasing my mileage more and more.  I'm back to about 8 miles at a slow and steady pace and I could easily go farther.  I stop when I get hungry, Roxy seems to be tired or the weather changes.  

While I could LOVE to do a half marathon in the coming year, I don't want to do the local one (through Danbury) and I don't have the money to travel for one or pay the entrance fees that are normally at over $100.  

So I'll just keep running for me and at the end of the day, I'm happy with my accomplishments and happy with my new program.  I'm anxious to add even more distance, but I've learned that running is for the pure joy of it.  Its about how it makes me feel.  And if that is anything but happy and peaceful on any given day, then I'm not doing it right.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Running with Roxy

I started combining my doggie walks with my workouts and training Roxy to run with me.  It works out better as she doesn't have to stay home alone while I work out and I don't have to spend more time in my day to walk Roxy.

Turns out Roxy LOVES running and wonders why we don't go much faster.  When we start out, she BOUNDS ahead.  Then she tries to herd me and starts to circle.  I've worked out getting her in the right spot, going in the right direction in just a few minutes.  Its also taught me to go slow when I get started and not start off too fast so that my asthma is bothered.   We've been using a waist leash and it works perfectly.  She is out in front of me and while she's not pulling, she is out from under my feet, even if I have to make a quick adjustment.

I need her to listen to me with just a quick pull or word.  Since I'm running, I'm out of breath and I can't really repeat myself.

We are working on getting by people easily.  I have been taking her to a local recreation center with a paved 1.2 mile trail.  I started taking her there because we see lots of people.  As a rescue dog, we need interaction in order to improve her state of mind and reaction.  Sometimes she goes right by people and other times we need to step aside and let people pass.

I was originally concerned that it was going to give me too many breaks in my run.  However, I will tell you I need to work on my emotions and giving off calm energy when we meet people.  All I know is that my heart beats quicker when a dog is going for Roxy than it does when I'm running.

I'm also working on keeping her paws in good shape.  We ran a little two far twice now and her paws have been red and raw.  She's pretty good at not licking them, but I worry abut infection.  We are using Musher's Secret and it is making things better.  I just need to take her to trails or leave her off my long runs.

Overall, I have to say that a run with Roxy brightens both of our days and its a wonderful bonding experience. Its worth the set backs, and the time invested in training.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Newtown Acts of Kindness

As many of you may already know the Newtown tragedy took place very close to my home.  We had friends and family effected and our community will never be the same.

Last night my husband and I visited the memorial and it was saddening, touching and inspiring all at the same time.

As a former teacher I cannot imagine the horror that took place in the school.  I can understand the teachers' need to protect and save their students.  They are not simply students, they are truly "your kids" and you are bonded to them in a way few can understand.  Those teachers who are returning to work this week are amazing in strength and spirit.

Many have asked me what you can do.  The United Way has set up a fund for the families and community and you can donate here:

However, if a financial donation is not in your budget, please consider doing something else.  Please consider performing an act of kindness for each one of those lost in Newtown.  Acts of kindness can be small.  Buy a cup of coffee for someone, volunteer at a school, clean the house for a stressed out friend.  Think creatively and just do what comes from your heart.  If everyone did this, we can start to change the world.

There will also be a 5k to support the cause...right now details are in the works.  You can find out more here:

Even if you are not local, you will be able to run remotely and support.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Personal Savers Review

Whether you're looking for a useful stocking stuffer for a loved one or you're planning on starting a new workout routine at the start of the new year, Personal Savers Wrist Saver is a great purchase.

Personal Savers Wrist Saver is easily affixed to your wrist with velcro.  The 1/2 ounce of pepper spray can be accessed by just quickly turning the top of the container.  I practiced so I knew how to use it and I was confident I could do so in an emergency.

Its important to read all the safety precautions before giving someone pepper spray and make sure you know about your local guidelines and regulations.  Pepper spray can be used on humans and animals.

The Wrist Saver also has a mini LED light, a place for some personal information and a reflective band.  So instead of putting on a lot of different items, you can just grab this one as you go out the door.

I wore this for running and while I was worried it was going to be bulky and uncomfortable, I really forgot I had it on.  This would make a great gift for a college student, runner or just any lady on your list you need a little more security.  

Personal savers has options for running, cycling and just walking around.  Take a peek at all their offerings here:

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Back To The Mat

Okay I've been whining a lot lately about being sick, etc and the reasons I have not been running or to yoga in a while.  I finally got back to my yoga studio yesterday.  I was nervous.  I was scared I wouldn't be able to do what I used to do.  I was scared I'd be out of breath, I'd be clumsy or I'd hate it now.  I shouldn't have been worried for a second.

I picked one of my favorite class days, times and teachers and headed in early so I could get set up.  I went in and I rolled out my mat.  I love the smell of my mat, the feel of the yoga studio beneath my feet and the warm heat that wraps you up when you walk in.

I was thrilled to see all the gals I take class with and the smiling and happy endorphins were a great way to start the class.

I'm not sure what I looked like, but I felt great during the class.  It was challenging and difficult, but it was fun and I know I got a good workout.  I felt warm and stretched out and amazing afterwards.

My yoga studio focuses on only doing what is right for you.  Only going as far as you can go and not struggling with your practice.  Like so much else in my life, I'm trying to learn when to hold tight and when to let go.

After just one class I remembered why I love it so much.  Its the only time I can stop my thoughts and just be.  I get a workout in and at the end, feel a warm glow.  I can't wait to get some great sessions in this holiday season!