Thursday, December 20, 2012

Running with Roxy

I started combining my doggie walks with my workouts and training Roxy to run with me.  It works out better as she doesn't have to stay home alone while I work out and I don't have to spend more time in my day to walk Roxy.

Turns out Roxy LOVES running and wonders why we don't go much faster.  When we start out, she BOUNDS ahead.  Then she tries to herd me and starts to circle.  I've worked out getting her in the right spot, going in the right direction in just a few minutes.  Its also taught me to go slow when I get started and not start off too fast so that my asthma is bothered.   We've been using a waist leash and it works perfectly.  She is out in front of me and while she's not pulling, she is out from under my feet, even if I have to make a quick adjustment.

I need her to listen to me with just a quick pull or word.  Since I'm running, I'm out of breath and I can't really repeat myself.

We are working on getting by people easily.  I have been taking her to a local recreation center with a paved 1.2 mile trail.  I started taking her there because we see lots of people.  As a rescue dog, we need interaction in order to improve her state of mind and reaction.  Sometimes she goes right by people and other times we need to step aside and let people pass.

I was originally concerned that it was going to give me too many breaks in my run.  However, I will tell you I need to work on my emotions and giving off calm energy when we meet people.  All I know is that my heart beats quicker when a dog is going for Roxy than it does when I'm running.

I'm also working on keeping her paws in good shape.  We ran a little two far twice now and her paws have been red and raw.  She's pretty good at not licking them, but I worry abut infection.  We are using Musher's Secret and it is making things better.  I just need to take her to trails or leave her off my long runs.

Overall, I have to say that a run with Roxy brightens both of our days and its a wonderful bonding experience. Its worth the set backs, and the time invested in training.

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