Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

NON Race Report

Well I have been quiet lately everyone for good reason.  Last weekend I accidentally closed a finger in the front door.  While I didn't think it was bad or painful, my body did and I passed out.  The injuries from the fall were far worse than the door.

I suffered lots of swelling and bruises, cuts and a possible concussion.  I didn't think any of this was a big deal either but as days wore on I was foggy, hurt and just overall tired.

I had a race this past was the fourth in a series.  If you complete all the races you get a special prize.  I completed all four last year and I had done all three thus far this year.

The Halloween race is my favorite race as there are costumes and candy involved!  And that adds a little more fun to the mix! I also had friends and family running.

I debated how I would feel on race day over and over.  I went out for a walk with Roxy a day and felt wiped out.  I rested and debated trying my hand at the race.  However, when it came down to it, I was still injured and there was rick of me getting more injured by running the race.

Once upon a time I would have run the race no matter what.  However, now I realized I have my whole life to run, why push it TODAY?  So my husband took me on an overnight trip to Maine and we had a great time.  And my uncle very sweetly gave me the prize for running all four races!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sunny Florida

I recently want on a professional conference of Certified Professional Organizers.  It was in Florida so it was a welcome break from the dropping fall New England temperatures.  Most people dread business trips, but I love them.  I am so grateful to see new places, get to meet new people and learn new things.  This trip was no exception.  I was with 11 other like minded ladies, all who are CPOs and run their own companies.  Its always so hard to tell people the challenges, joys and frustrations that come with being an organizers so being with people who completely understand is wonderful.

We work a lot and we work hard, long hours together, but the result is excellent.  The dynamic can’t be beat.  Leaving everyone reminds me of the importance of keeping in touch and finding some of that balance and fun with my colleagues, no matter how far away, throughout the rest of the year.

On a workout note,
I only got one run in during my trip.  However, being out in shorts and a tank versus capris and a long sleeve top felt great!  It was HOT though, almost 90 degrees.  I don't even run in that temperature at home.  It was about 7 am when I ran.  I found a great bike trail near my hotel.  I will say that the high tension wires that ran along it made the route a little less scenic, but it was flat!  Also, it was odd to me to see the houses decorated for Halloween.  I know its October in Florida too but it seems as if the picturesque fall things only happen in New England.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Craft a Day Part Five

I'm shocked that I'm on part five of this craft series but I'm so happy I've gotten the opportunity to learn so many new crafts and try out things I've always wanted to try.  Thank goodness for Etsy which allows me to chat with crafts people, find supplies that can be shipped to my home and do so without spending a ton of money!

The first craft I did was Pinterest inspired.  You take clear glass ornaments (in any shape or size) and pour in a bit of floor wax.  Swirl it around inside and pour out any excess.  Then, pour in a little glitter and shake it up!  Let them dry and then put the little "lids" back on.  They come out really cool and I love the fact that you don't have to use "holiday" colors!

The next craft I tried was needle point.  Again, I bought a kit on Etsy that came with the materials, instructions and equipment.  It was supposed to be a keychain, however, I never folded it over and I'm using it as a book mark.  I love the preppy look and feel of it.  Needlepoint was really easy (especially because I know how to cross stitch) and it was a fun activity to do while watching TV.
I'm not sure I'd want to do a big project of needlepoint, but this one was just right.

I've wanted to try felting for a long time.  Again, I never knew where to buy the materials, and how difficult it was.  I bought a kit on Etsy for about $12 and once it came in the mail, I opened it up and got started right away.  By the end of the day, I had three finished penguins. Are these useful items?  No.  But they are adorable and will make great little holiday decorations.  Turns out you don't really need a kit, you can just buy some felt and once you have needles and a pad, make any animal you can think of!  I'll be felting again for sure and also want to try my hand at felt beads.

Finally, I did some beading.  This feels like old hat to me now, as I've been beading the longest of any craft.  I made an anchor bracelet (which took all of five minutes) and a wrap bracelet.  I've been wanting a wrap bracelet for a while but didn't want to pay the hundreds of dollars they cost.  This was one of the most difficult beading techniques I've done thus far but it was a lot of fun once I got started and I can't wait to make more of these.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Race Costume!

Well its that time of year again, time for my Halloween race and time to come up with a comfy and fun Halloween costume.  I was Minnie Mouse last year and I wanted to change things up this year but not have to buy any pieces.

So I decided to be one of my favorite animals, a bunny!  I'll be wearing a white pleated running skirt, white knee socks and my pink running shoes.  I'll wear a pink or grey or white top, and of course, my bunny ears!

I also ordered some yarn online and made myself a bunny tail!  It took me all of five minutes and I think its adorable!

If I can find some easily and inexpensively, I will pick up some face paint, but otherwise I'll just use some blush on the day of the race.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

On Shoes Review

I have spent the past few months adjusting to new barefoot shoes and I've loved them.  I was recently sent a pair of On Running shoes and I was skeptical at first.  They obviously look different than any other shoe out there. They feel different too.

I put them on and right out of the box, they were comfortable, and cozy. I usually want to take my shoes off the moment I walk in the door and these I could comfortably wear all day.

I started off my walking the dog in these shoes, a brisk walk on mostly pavement and some gravel.  They were comfortable and supportive and stabilizing.  I loved the way I felt connected to the ground and like I was really stable when my dog pulled or tried to run.

I then rain on the road in these shoes.  I had no idea how the little "pillows" would feel and if they would be bothersome under my feet.  I didn't feel them at all. What I did feel was a cushy ride in which I felt as though I was being pushed forward to move faster.

I was really skeptical about the shoes also being good on trails.  However, earlier this week I took them out on the trail and once again loved them. I love the fact that I felt stable on the trail.  I had traction going up and down hills.  I didn't feel every rock or branch under my feet. Meanwhile the shoes aren't heavy like other sneakers I've worn.  They are lightweight and you can actually feel the ventilation in the foot bed.  So you won't have sweaty, stinky feet with these shoes.

The shoe I tried was the Cloud Runner.  That is their hybrid shoe, for both road and off road.  I love being able to have one pair of shoes in my car that can take me to both running destinations.

The technology is new and its designed to absorb the impact for you and propel you forward in a forward motion.  Take a peek at their website for a great video about the technology and to read about it in more detail.

They do have light weight options, racing options and other colors.  You can check out their whole selection here: