Saturday, October 6, 2012

On Shoes Review

I have spent the past few months adjusting to new barefoot shoes and I've loved them.  I was recently sent a pair of On Running shoes and I was skeptical at first.  They obviously look different than any other shoe out there. They feel different too.

I put them on and right out of the box, they were comfortable, and cozy. I usually want to take my shoes off the moment I walk in the door and these I could comfortably wear all day.

I started off my walking the dog in these shoes, a brisk walk on mostly pavement and some gravel.  They were comfortable and supportive and stabilizing.  I loved the way I felt connected to the ground and like I was really stable when my dog pulled or tried to run.

I then rain on the road in these shoes.  I had no idea how the little "pillows" would feel and if they would be bothersome under my feet.  I didn't feel them at all. What I did feel was a cushy ride in which I felt as though I was being pushed forward to move faster.

I was really skeptical about the shoes also being good on trails.  However, earlier this week I took them out on the trail and once again loved them. I love the fact that I felt stable on the trail.  I had traction going up and down hills.  I didn't feel every rock or branch under my feet. Meanwhile the shoes aren't heavy like other sneakers I've worn.  They are lightweight and you can actually feel the ventilation in the foot bed.  So you won't have sweaty, stinky feet with these shoes.

The shoe I tried was the Cloud Runner.  That is their hybrid shoe, for both road and off road.  I love being able to have one pair of shoes in my car that can take me to both running destinations.

The technology is new and its designed to absorb the impact for you and propel you forward in a forward motion.  Take a peek at their website for a great video about the technology and to read about it in more detail.

They do have light weight options, racing options and other colors.  You can check out their whole selection here:

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