Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Back to Yoga

Due to traveling, health issues and scheduling I haven't been to yoga in….well….let's say a while.
I find that once you start not going to something you get out of the habit and then it becomes a stressor. You think about the fitness you are losing, the skills that are getting rusty and then, I got a little nervous about going back.  But, eventually I talked myself into it, packed up my mat and courage and headed back.

The first class was rough.  I won't lie.  I sweat a LOT and after just the warm up I could feel my arms asking why we had left the house.  However, a lot of the alignments, movements and balancing came back to me right away.  My mind was anxious but my body knew what it was doing.  And, I knew I always had the ability to take child's pose.

The day after I could hardly walk.  The second day after?  Let's just say my body was angry at me.  I was on a business trip and I took the elevated to my hotel room, something I never do.

However, I was already addicted again.  I went back a few days after I got home from my trip and this time was able to do more, and I wasn't wore at all afterwards.  I am modifying from where I was but I think the biggest lesson that yoga has to teach me is that it's not about pushing and reaching all the time.  Sometimes, it's about being and finding contentment.  I've always been a type a over achiever and it's hard not to take that onto my mat.

The thing I missed the most while I wasn't doing yoga?  The warm heat that comes off of you after you leave class. Yoga is the shaking of my life's Etch a Sketch, it erases all the chaos and stress that arise.
So, I'm fully addicted, all over again.

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