Friday, April 26, 2013

What I've Learned on the Road

As you know, I've spent the past two weeks on the road.  We've traveled from CT to New Orleans and back, with various stops along the way.  I've cataloged our journey through blog entries and have an amazing time doing it.  However, there are some lessons I've learned in the past two weeks that I wanted to share with you.

1.  Sometimes you go int he wrong direction.  Even with maps, and GPS and common sense, it happens.  Get off at the next exit, turn around and buy a ice cream on the way.

2. Bring less.  I worse just about every last thing I brought.  I didn't over pack, and I had a variety of things with me. Less is more, especially when you have to carry it in and out of about a dozen hotels. This goes back to what I tell my clients-love everything you have and have less of it. Your life will be filled with joy and comfort.

3.  Hidden gems are the best.  When you are so focused on getting some place, that you forget to look around, you miss some of the most beautiful views and fun stops.  Be willing to change plans and take a side trip.

4.  Be flexible.  Never have your heart and mind set so intently on something that it ruins your day if things change.  Move through life like water-strong and powerful but able to be moved with ease.

5.  Enjoy the local culture.  Embrace new foods, new people and new customs.  When in Rome.....experience how the Romans'll be glad you did.

6.  Have fun, even when things aren't fun.  You can make anything fun if you try hard enough.  Most of life is how you think about it and your attitude towards it.  Problems aren't problems, your mind set towards them is the problem.

As with any travel, I feel just a little different returning home, a little wiser, a little more fun and a little more worldly.  I feel so thankful and blessed for having had this opportunity to travel the country and see so many beautiful sites.  We live in an amazing country and experiencing it via car was one of the best things I've ever had the please of doing. I thank my fearless "captain" Matt for working so hard on the trip; before, after and during.

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