Monday, April 8, 2013

Picky Eater

I was recently sent some Picky Bars to review.  I have tried a lot of bars over time.  As a matter of fact, as soon as I see a new bar come out, I check the stores to see if its in stock.  I'm always looking for something new and tasty and healthy.  (Which as we all know is super hard to find.)
Anyway,Picky Bars are my dream come true.  They have improved over time and are an amazing whole foods option that is also great for your tastebuds.  

Whole foods are the way to go as far as nutrition.  Avoiding all of the sugar and preservatives that are prevalent in energy bars is tough to do.Pick bars are wholesome and simple.  If you can actually recognize the ingredients in the bar.  I love taking a peek before I devour it.  (Especially looking for the WHOLE chocolate chips.)  There are no soy fillers, vitamin powders, or carb blends.  It is (shockingly) real stuff!

All of their bars are gluten and dairy free and some are even vegan.  So even those with food sensitivities or dietary guidelines can enjoy.

More importantly, I felt great after eating the bar.  It looked small but it enough to fuel a tough workout, or furl a tough work day.  My favorite flavor is Lauren's Mega Nuts.  The bars are packed in small foil packages.  They stay contained and are easy to throw into a bag or purse.  I always have one in my running bag, in the center console of my car and in my purse.  These bars aren't hard on your stomach like a lot of other bars.  These can be eaten right before run or other workout and you won't have any digestive issues.  

These bars aren't going to break the bank either.  You can buy a box of ten for $22.99  at  I've already placed an order for more :)

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