Friday, February 22, 2013

Greater Than Drink Review

I was recently able to try Greater Than, a coconut water based sports drink.  I'm not a big fan of traditional sports drinks due to carbs, taste, etc.

Greater Than is an all natural, no artificial ingredient and no caffeine option for the athlete who could use a little something during or before their work out.

Because its based from coconut water is low in calories and sugar.  And that doesn't mean it doesn't taste great.  The flavors are flavorful but not over bearing.  Greater Than comes in Natural, Berry Blue, Tropical, Grape and Orange-Mango.  I was able to try all of them and its hard to pick a favorite.

Greater than has about 75 calories a bottle-enough to replenish what you need, but not enough to ruin your nutritional plan.  Coconut water is a natural option and is packed with electrolytes.  So if you have a sugar issue or are simply trying to avoid sugars, Greater Than is a good option for you.  Its also Kosher.

You can find Greater Than on Facebook, Twitter and of course, on their website!

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