Sunday, February 24, 2013

Yoga Smoga

Okay we're all looking for workout clothes that are functional and make us feel cute right?  Check out YOGA SMOGA.  They are a new brand and you will love their clothes.

I was able to try out two pieces; the Yantra Tank and the Crops.

The Yantra Tank is one of my favorite tanks ever.  Its not super long but it hits at the hips.  They claim is stays in place.  I thought I'd test this out with a few different activities.  I tried yoga in it, rowing, running and spinning.  It didn't move at all.  It stays in place and the tank doesn't twist or ride up.  I thought the straps may fall down, a common problem I have, but they stayed in place.  I liked that the straps were thick enough to hide bra straps and didn't dig in.  I wore this top many times all day long and was comfortable.  The fabric wicks away moisture and stays cool during workouts. However, its super soft.  I like that the top comes in sizes instead of just small, medium and large.  It makes for a customized fit that isn't baggy or squeezing you in.

The Run Jump N' Play Crop does everything it says it does.  I've worn these crops for every activity you can think of and they are stayed in place and kept me cool.  I love a multi tasker than can serve more than one purpose in your closet.  These crops are super flattering.  I was worried about having such a bright color on my behind, but they are just compression enough to make your assets look great.  I was wearing India Blue-an amazing an dynamic color that matches everything but still makes a statement.
Again, these come in sizes, like jeans, so you get a specialized fit.  

YOGA SMOGA isn't your traditional yoga company.  They are focused on the true yoga principles and that is represented in their clothing and their business practices.  Each garment is made with care and love and the best intention for positive energies.  They use advanced manufacturing techniques that give the customer a superior product.  (I've washed mine a LOT) and they still look brand new.  The color is amazing and deep.  You will love being the brightest in your yoga class or shining on your run.  These clothes and their colors make you happy and help you spread a little joy.  

YOGA SMOGA's clothes are reasonably priced and available here:

I'm in love and so happy I've discovered them!  

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