Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Navitas Naturals Review

If you're looking to start eating a bit healthier, take it to the next level with Navitas Naturals.  I've been a healthy eater for a few years now.  I struggled with weight and won.  However, I've recently adopted some more stringent eating policies. I'm paying attention to where my food is grown, the carbon footprint of it, the protein within and its true nutritional value.  While this all sounds like a lot, its not hard when you keep healthy food items on hand.  I came across Navitas Naturals and I was able to try some of their amazing products.

I tried two power snacks (Cacao Goji and Blueberry Hemp), cacao powder, trail mix and cacao sweet nibs.  They were all amazing in taste.  Better yet, I felt GOOD after I ate them. I had energy and had no sugar crash or digestive issues.

Their snacks are organic and made up of whole foods.  Many are vegan, raw and gluten free.  If you're looking for REAL and SUSTAINABLE energy, these are your best bet.  I love the fact that I can eat these before I take the dog for a walk and feel great.  These are amazing for hiking.  They are "durable" and don't crumble in your bag.  These are also awesome for road trips!

Navitas Naturals sells something for everyone.  They have LOTS of snacks, nuts, and powders.  Their website provides recipes to help you bust eating boredom and have a little fun with your diet.    These are truly super foods and you'll be healthier and happier after you've given them a try!

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Look at their whole selection and recipes here:

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