Monday, March 4, 2013

Bobby Sue Nut Review

In my quest to find portable, yummy healthy snacks I found Bobby Sue's Nuts.  Yes, the name may make you smile but the product will make you even happier!  

Bobby Sue's Original Nuts are a mix of walnuts, cashews and almonds (all the healthy tree nuts).  They have a sweet and salty taste that makes them a little bit addictive.  

Bobby Sue's Nuts come in reusable or recyclable glass jars.  They are great to throw into a backpack or beach bag.  I love them for camping! They stay sealed and fresh despite the dampness outside.

Bobby Sue's Nuts would make a great clutter free gift for anyone who loves healthy eating.    These would also make great hostess gifts.  Instead of bringing another bottle of wine along, bring a jar of delicious nuts.

These nuts aren't like anything you've ever tried.  They have three varieties:
Hot, Chocolate and Original.  Hot is spicy and unique, but not too hot.  Chocolate is a decadent (but healthy) dessert treat.  The Originals are addictive.  You keep going back for more!

The nuts are homemade, all natural, gluten free, preservative free (and yes, you can keep them for a little while in your pantry-about eight months), cholesterol free and environmentally friendly.  

A portion of your dollars spent on Bobby Sue's Nuts goes right to helping homeless animals and who doesn't like that?

Get Bobby Sue's Nuts online here:

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