Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why I Run

Someone else I know recently posted this video on their blog, but it was so moving that I had to share it too....

I realize that I run for a few reasons:

1.  Is to stay healthy for a long time in my life.  While I love racing and meeting goals, my long term health is really the biggest reason I run..

2.  I run to help Roxy stay happy and healthy.  She loves running and our time together is an amazing bond we share.

3.  I run so I can think things through.  I am the most creative and problem solving when I'm running.

4.  I run to be outside.  It is my small time to be outside in nature.  In a society in which we work and play inside, we need to sometimes find time to get outside.

5.  I love it.  I always have and always will.  I'm not about the time or the distance.  It is about the thrill of the run for me.

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