Sunday, March 10, 2013

Herban Essentials Wipes Review

There are a lot of pre moistened "wipes" on the market.  Finding one that's as versatile and wonderful to use as Herban Essentials simply isn't possible.

Their wipes are made from soft "cloth" with the addition of essential oils.  Their scents are amazing and they serve so many purposes.

I was able to try out a few different scents and I'm going to give you just a few of the uses for each of them.  
Orange-promotes happiness.  These are great for kids, as they help them focus.  Orange has also been shown to help anxiety and depression.  I like opening one of these on my desk during the day.  

Lavender-These are my favorite and have the most uses.  Of course, the lavender scent is calming.  I like putting one under my pillow as I go to sleep at night.  You can also use them as a meditation assistant.  Lavender helps bug bites and prevents new ones.  It also helps clear up blemishes.  Throw one in your bath.  They are even safe for baby use.

Lemon-is a fresh scent and they are super refreshing.  I love using the lemon wipes to clean off my laptop, phone and tablet.  I also love using them after yoga class. You can toss them in the fridge too so they are cooling.  
Peppermint-While this is a common scent, the wipes are amazing. They are great for curing nausea, and simply refreshing.  My husband loves these as they are "masculine" and still feel amazing.

You can buy multi packs of lemon, lavender and peppermint wipes.  They are great for throwing in the car so you have a choice depending on your mood.  

Herban Essentials also sells doggie wipes that you can use to calm your dog and wipe them down.  I love using all natural products on my dog and being clean is a must for the two of us after a trail run.

Finally, they sell yoga wipes.  What a great way wipe down your mat or refresh after class.  I've used the orange and lemon wipes for wiping down my mat and they are a great way to get the sticky sweat off my mat without using harsh chemicals.  

Some other uses for these amazing wipes are:
Car air freshener
Cleaning up after the beach
Wiping down kids' toys

The wipes feel great to use.  They don't leave sticky residue like some of the other wipes I've used.  They stay moist for a while.  They have started to appear in my purse, on my desk, in my yoga bag, in my car, on my night table....just about everywhere.

These are an amazing treat you can give yourself every day. They are incredibly calming, wonderfully luxurious, and super functional.  You'll want to buy more than one bag of these little treasures.

You can buy Herban Essentials here: 

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