Monday, April 21, 2014

Last Day in Philly!

Well despite having to head back to CT, we decided to get in some last minute sightseeing.

We found a great parking spot and set off on foot.  We ran up the Rocky steps, posed with the Rocky Statue.  We did take a sneak peek in the art museum too :)

One of the hidden treasures in Philly is the rover walk.  It's a beautiful area by the water where people relax, picnic and fly kites.  There were a ton of runners, bikers, and even people on roller blades.

We walked down to Boat House Row where there were lots of crew boats out and about.  We climbed the area that had been blasted out and used to serve as the power station.

It was beautiful day and the sun was shining.  A great way to experience Philly and to relax and just walk and enjoy.  We were sad to leave, but we will be back for sure!

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