Saturday, April 12, 2014

Philadelphia Day One

So I travel for business at least a few times a year.  Usually M tags along with me and we get some sightseeing done.  He helps me prepare for presentations and supports me as I go.

This trip, HE is the one conducting business. He's taking photos of the Frozen Four-the national college hockey tournament.  I'm so proud he has earned a spot and can take part.  I'm also thrilled because I get to tag along and sightsee in Philadelphia!

I'll first say that I packed all kinds of running gear in hopes to get in some runs while M was off taking photos.  However, the hotel is on a semi highway, 6 lanes wides so I'll be working out in the gym AND I packed a MP3 yoga class and my mat.

Today we saw a lot of the historical part of Philadelphia-The Betsy Ross house was awesome!  It's just a tiny house where she RENTED two rooms her whole life.  She had 8 children and three husbands.  If that isn't enough to surprise you, she started sewing flags for the revolution at 24 years old!

This is a statue outside the Betsy Ross House.  It was just so adorable I had to take photos.  Everyone pets the cat as they walk by.

We also saw the Liberty Bell. It was neat to learn about it and see it up close.  M had a great time taking photos of it as well.

The historical cemetery in Philadelphia contains FIVE of the signers of the declaration of independence.  To give you an idea of the historical significance of the time, the founder of psychology as well as many commanders in the Revolution are all buried there as well.  It signifies good luck to throw a penny on Benjamin Franklin's grave to honor his saying of "A penny saved is a penny earned."

We did some walking around the city and it was a beautiful spring day.  Really the first we've had!  It was great to see the cobble stones on the on the streets and all the historical buildings.  The buildings are very narrow and made of hand crafted materials.  It's beautiful and amazing to think about what transpired there.  It's also amazing to think about the bravery of the individuals who signed our founding documents.  History was made on these streets!

The night before we came into town and hit what we were told was THE place for cheese steaks.  Now I don't even like red meat, but when in Rome.  The quintessential cheese steak has Cheese Whiz on it!  I had no idea.  Add in some onions, steak and amazingly fluffy bread and you have a great dinner.

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