Monday, April 14, 2014

Day Two in Philly

So on our next day on Philly we were moving a tad bit slower due to M having a REALLY LONG day taking photos at the semi finals.  We decided to spend the day exploring.  We love just walking around the city, seeing the sights, taking in the people and stopping where we want.

We took this picture at the park….kind of like Philly's Central Park. It was a warm sunny day and it was hard to leave to head back to the hotel!

So Peanut Chews are a Philly "thing".  We were going to hunt some down while we were here. However, our hotel had some minis.  They are SO good!  Chocolate, caramel and peanuts.  Great combo.  I ate too many :)

The pretzel is popular in Philly because it was once a German populated place.  Many spoke German and since pretzels were very popular in Germany, they too made the trek across the ocean.  These little gems were in our hotel in the afternoon.  They too, were awesome!  

We are lunch at the Reading Market. It's an amazing place, filled with food vendors of both ready to eat items and produce, fish, and other local goods. It's reminiscent of an old fashioned market.  It's busy, loud and so colorful.  We found an amazing and authentic Cajun place!  I had gumbo and it was fabulous.  I haven't had gumbo this good or authentic since I left New Orleans.  And believe me, I've tried!

Matt was all smiles while we ate our cajun lunch.  It was amazing!

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