Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sabre Pepper Spray Review

Sabre's line of Pepper Spray and Alarms is perfect for anyone who walks alone at night or in the early morning and wants a little more peace of mind.  Their pepper sprays come in all sorts of stylish cases. Many look so cute or sleek that you'd hardly guess they were pepper spray.  

Two of my favorites are their personal alarm and their pepper gel.  The personal alarm is a key chain that affixes to the outside of your bag, coat or keys.  At the push of a button there is a 110 decibels.  It comes in different colors so it's great for everyone.  Their Pepper Gel is great for college students.  It's pink and fashionable and can be put on keys or even a bag's strap over your shoulder.  The gel reduces the chances that the gel will be spread in the wind. It's quiet, easy to use and can even be used indoors if necessary.  

These are great gifts for runners, college students, people who work third shift, pet owners and really anyone who is ever walking along.  Sabre's products are tested, trusted and really affordable.  

I really like the Spitfire.  It has a really sleek design and can be fired with just the push of a button.  The fact that it comes in purple is pretty awesome too!  

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