Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving Race Review

On Thanksgiving I ran in a Turkey Trot.  It was my second year running this race.  Its my 11th race and I'm finally getting the hand of my night before routine, my morning routine, what to eat etc.

The Thanksgiving race is always tough to make sure I'm well rested and well for for it seems.  There is always something going on around the holiday!

I got to the race and watched the kids fun run.  Watching those will never get old.

There were lots more people there this year than last year, about 1000 in total.

It was about 32 degrees out and I wore compression capris and a thin wool top.  I had another fleece on before running and I peeled it off at the last minute.  I also wore my Thanksgiving Sweaty Band and gloves.  I handed off the gloves to my husband at the half way mark.

My uncle ran with me and also had a PR!

I placed myself too far back in the pack at the start.  I hate being passed and I like to pass people, but there was a big bottle neck that felt like it took forever to clear up.
I didn't wear a watch and I honestly had no idea how fast or slow I was going.  I felt like I was flying at times and at other times like I was crawling.  I just kept going strong.

I had some great music come on my iPod and I just kept going and telling myself it was easy.

When I came around the last corner I was shocked to see that I was over a minute shorter than my fastest time.  Any thoughts I had of being tired went out of my head and I picked it up.

I was all smiles at the finish line.  I was elated that after a year I was able to have another PR!  I'm thrilled and inspired to make new goals, and determine where I was to go next.
I feel happy and accomplished and I've given myself a few days off of running to do some yoga and a walk in the woods with my family.  Tomorrow is back to training!

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