Sunday, December 11, 2011

Icebreaker Leggings Review

 A girl needs a good pair of leggings in her wardrobe.  These are the only ones you will need.  I used to have a pair for running, a pair for around town, etc.  However, I just need more pairs of these now!  

The Icebreaker Merino Bodyfit 200 leggings are the perfect leggings for anything you can dish at them.  They are comfortable and chafe free when running.  I thought I might be hot during a run but I wasn't.  When I was done, instead of getting a chill like I normally do, I was warm and toasty.

Right now I have the leggings on with a pair of books and a long sweater.  I just got back from running errands.  I was warm and comfy the whole time.

Icebreaker's wool is renewable and traceable directly back to its source.  The leggings are biodegradable (when the time comes).  

They are soft and comfy next to your skin, something I never thought I'd say about wool.

The temperature control is the best part.  Cool when working out and warm afterwards.
The tights are anti stink.  They don't get that workout smell that so many workout clothes do  (even after they've been washed).

And for all of this would think that they would be much more expensive than they are.  I will admit I have more expensive pairs, and they aren't nearly as comfortable or versatile.  

Take a peek at these leggings here:,en,pd.html?dwvar_IBE115_color=C46&start=1&cgid=womens-bottoms-leggings

They have other colors besides black and they do have other leggings also.  
New Zealand wool is renewable and Icebreaker's factory is environmentally friendly.  By purchasing Icebreaker products oyua re doing yourself and the Earth a favor.

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