Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nathan Quickdraw Elite Water Bottle Review

Last year I reviewed the Nathan Quickdraw water bottle.  Since then, they have revamped it and made some improvements.

Its still a durable plastic water bottle that holds 22 ounces.  The nipple pops up and down to release liquid.  Its easy to manipulate while you are running.

The hand strap is now adjustable so you can fin d the perfect fit for your hand. Or in my case, I can share it with my husband.  The strap is shaped so that you can hold onto the bottle in different ways.  What I liked was that I didn't need to actively hold the bottle.  It simply stays on your hand with very little movement.

Another touch I loved is that there is a reflective patch on the bottle.  Its one more safety feature and a little bit more peace of mind for me.

There is a small pouch attached to the bottle.  Its perfect for a key or other small necessary item.  Finally, there is a built in ID card!  So not only is this a water bottle, its a safety tool.  Its a great starter water bottle for someone getting in shape for the first time.  Its also a great gift for the veteran runner!

For under $20 its a great deal too!

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