Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tiny Devotions

I know that this is a running blog and I've been talking a lot about yoga lately, but it really has been playing a bigger and more important role in my life as time goes on.

Yoga is a moving meditation.  However, sometimes we want to meditate and be still.  When your body isn't quite as involved, your mind starts to race.  It become difficult to calm those thoughts and quiet the mind.  That's where prayer beads come in.  The beads can be held in your hand and touched or counted throughout meditation or prayer in any way you want.

I was sent a set of prayer beads by Tiny Devotions.  I was immediately struck by how strong and delicate they were at the same time.

They weren't a gift shop set of prayer beads, these are a hand made, high quality set.  The components are striking and together they are a little work of art.

I was sent the African Turquoise mala.  The beats are amazing little beads that feel wonderful in your hand and look great around your neck.  The turquoise is meant to promote communication and healing.  Its a unique and powerful stone.  It makes a striking pendant on the beads.

I've used the beads for meditation and I've worn them around to meetings, errands, etc.  They are heavy enough to be substantial and they are light enough to be comfortable.

The beads are the perfect gift for anyone who needs a little peace in their life!  Its rare that you find something as beautiful and meaningful as these malas.  And the best part is that you look good wearing them!

Tiny Devotions sells lots of different mala combinations.  Find one that's perfect for you here:

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