Sunday, December 18, 2011

Running The Edge Review

When I received Running The Edge in the mail, I couldn't wait to dive into it.  However, I was in the middle of a move, renovation and starting a new company.  And so it sat in my "to read" pile for quite some time.  I tried to pick it up and read but I always felt as if the book needed my full attention.  I shouldn't have felt this way.

Once I really started reading the book I was so motivated I couldn't put it down.  Not only was I motivated to keep reading, I was motivated to try new workouts, to excel in my businesses, etc.

While the book does focus on running, its not filled with workout plans, diets to follow or show advice.  This is a book for your whole body and soul.

What the book does cover is how to find your inner motivation.  Whether your goals is a 5k or a marathon this book contains motivational techniques to allow you to take either the first step or the next step.

So many times in life we hang back, afraid to fail and therefore we never start.  However, this book makes you hold a mirror up to yourself and determine WHY you are holding back and gives you to courage to take the leap you've been avoiding.

There are work books sections of the book where you can stop and assess your personality, goals and life.  These are helpful and eye opening.  So many times we read something and although we feel inspired, its difficult to apply it to our own lives.  By completing the work book sections you've already starting applying the lessons you've learned!

One of my favorite parts of the book is the section in which acting and re-acting are discussed.  I was shocked as to how clear the message was and how detrimental being a re-actor is.

This book is a great gift for runners.  However, its really a great gift for anyone who wants to find a little motivation and direction in their life. Instead of just addressing the runner in you, Running The Edge addresses the whole person and the whole life.

The book is available on Kindle and Amazon.  You can take a peek at their website here:

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