Friday, December 16, 2011

Shiva Rea Yoga DVD Review

Its no secret that I've recently fallen in love with yoga.  Although I love taking classes, I do feel like a great at home DVD is a great thing to have for a snowy day, or a very busy day.
I was sent a copy of Shiva Rea: Daily Energy to try out.

I turned it on and I was amazed at all the options the DVD has!  Most DVDs have one main theme and there are no choices.  This DVD had LOTS of choices.  I also like the way the choices are like menu options and you can order them in any order you want.  You can even pick a set that's already been placed together for you.  Each one of the sections is 20 minutes in length so you can go for as long or as short as you want to.

The instructions are clear and match the visual instructions given.  There are modifications given as well.
There are some instances where the "technical" yoga terms are used.  Its not over powering and you don't lose anything.  However, i you know the terms ahead of time you will have a little advantage.

I love the tone of the DVD.  Despite this being a challenging workout, its a calming DVD.  Even if you don't feel comfortable with yoga or your body just yet, try this DVD.  You will find what feels good for you.

Regardless of how long or short your yoga practice, after working with Shiva Rea, you will feel calm and energized.
While I don't think a DVD will ever take the place of being in the presence of a teacher, I think this DVD is the perfect compliment to your yoga practice. 

Take a peek at all of their yoga offerings here:

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