Saturday, December 10, 2011

Swim WITH Your iPod!

Swimming is great cross training for an athlete who plays another sport and its a great workout on its own.  Its becoming increasingly popular for its low impact nature. 

However, for someone like me, working out without music just ins't as much fun as cranking up the tunes and taking off.  That's where H2O Audio's ipod holder comes into play.

I have an iPod Shuffle from last year so I tested the waterproof system to match.  It can be seen here:
The system attaches to the back of swim goggles.  While it took me a minute to make sure I had my iPod in correctly the first time, after that it was easy and super quick to use each and every time.  When I closed the compartment, I was confident that my iPod was safe and sound.

I love the fact that I could customize the headphones to fit my ears too.  We don't all have the same ears after all :)

Finally, I actually have started using this item out of the pool. Its great to use while swimming but I also love using it in the rain, attached to my hat!

Take a peek at all of H2O Audio's water proof products here:

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