Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Banana Blossom Press' Newest Feat

Banana Blossom Press has done it again.  I've done reviews on their products
in the past.  However, in case you missed them, let me fill you in.

Banana Blossom press make tee shirts and cards all with empowering, athletic
related themes.  They are so adorable and cute!

I feel like they can't possibly come up with anything better than what they
already have and every time they come out with something new, I feel as
though they have outdone themselves all over again.

I have their "I Love Running/I Hate Running" and their "No Run=Cranky and
Moody" tee shirts and I wear them all the time.

All of their tees shirts are a flattering, feminine cut made from a soft
blend of polyester and cotton.  I will also tell you that mine have been
washed over and over and over again and held their shape and color and still
look brand new.

I have sent many of their cards.  Every time someone receives one from me
they tell me how the perfect the card is and are amazed that I found a card
so cute and wonderful.

Banana Blossom's newest tee boasts a slogan of "Every Run is a Redemption".
It couldn't be more true!  Every time I head out the door for a run, I am
looking for redemption.  It may be from what I ate last night, it may be
from my last run, it may be from the bad day I'm having.  However,
regardless, I find redemption on the road in my running sneakers and this
tee shirt is the perfect reminder of that.

This tee shirt, and all of Banana Blossom's make great gifts for your
favorite runner or for yourself!

They are reasonably priced and did I mention, ADORABLE?

Take a look at all their products here:

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