Thursday, December 8, 2011

Icebreaker Villa Hood Review

This is the second piece of Icebreaker clothing I was reviewing.  Despite loving the last piece, I didn't know if I would like this one as it was a thicker wool.   I shouldn't have been concerned, I loved this one too.
I threw it on in the am while I was a little chilly.  I anticipated taking it off during the day, however, I ended up peeling it off right before my shower, after a 16 hour day in it.  There wasn't a moment where I was uncomfortable or my temperature too hot to too cold.

The wool is truly an amazing temperature regulator!

The Villa Hood has a hood that actually stays on.  I had it on during a hike and it never moved.  I also love the fact that the pockets are deep enough to fit a phone and a pair of keys in.  AND they zip!  Its so hard to find cute, comfortable clothes that are also functional and technical.  Icebreaker is making those types of clothes easy to find and even easier to wear!

Again, I'm in love with the way that you can trace the wool in your garment right back to Iceland!  Each garment comes with a code you can type in on their website.  

Oh and this hoodie washes like a dream.  I have been putting in my washer (please follow the washing instructions!) and hanging it to dry and its just as soft, cuddly and cute as when it went in (minus all the dog hair and sweat.)

Take a look at the Villa Hood here:,en,pd.html?dwvar_IBXA47_color=001&start=2&q=villa
In the world of disposable clothing, give the gift of a quality piece of clothing this holiday season!


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  2. Actually the wool comes from merino sheeps in New Zealand. I own a lot of Icebreaker stuff and it's one of the best out there. I was advised that it's best not to wash your Icebreaker a lot since it is ordor I try to wash them carefully like you do. You might want to try their socks...they are pretty good too. :)