Monday, January 30, 2012


Last winter here in the Northeast we had TONS of snow and most days were well below freezing.  I ended up buying lots of thermal tights, tops and even a pair of Gore Tex, thermal sneakers.  This winter we've had only one snow storm and two days after it landed, it was long gone.

I ran this morning in capris with just a long sleeve tee on top.  Its odd running all winter with no coat, no gloves, etc!  However, I have to say I LOVE it!

However, an odd thing has occurred.  Mentally I was prepared to not be able to run as much this winter and I've made time and space to row, spin, lift weights, and attend yoga class.  Now I barely have time to get running back into my routine!

This morning I went out and parked at the yoga studio, ran a few miles around it, and then headed into yoga class.  I felt a little yucky at first but I'm always sweaty after a few minutes at hot yoga anyway.  My lungs were warmed up and it was a nice way to start my practice.  And I wasn't exhausted afterwards, just starving.

So I'm working on finding balance between everything I want to accomplish in the day, personally and professionally.  Its always going to be a challenge, but a little careful planning is turning out to be my best friend.  I will say I look like a crazy person leaving the house with a bag full of running gear AND a bag full of yoga gear and a crazy layered yoga/running outfit :)

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