Monday, January 16, 2012

Frozen Fenway

My husband and I recently had the chance to go to something called "Frozen Fenway".  What that means is that in Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox (our favorite baseball team), an ice hockey rink was built!

Although there were lots of different teams playing, the main attraction was the University of Maine (or alma matter) and the University of New Hampshire (their arch rivals).

We spent the day walking around Boston and ate lunch at our favorite Asian restaurant, Wagamamma's.  Its a place my English friends took me to years ago and the US branch is newly opened.  So yummy!  We had LOTS of food and had to walk and shop to burn it all off.

We sat at Starbucks for a while and then walked out to the North End (Little Italy) for dessert at the very famous Mike's Pastries.  So yummy!

Then we took the T over to Fenway.  The T was filled with people heading to the game and wearing Maine jerseys.  It wasn't uncommon to hear Maine chants and our school song.  The park was already packed and food was already open.  We found some friends from college and some other friends too and started having fun before the hockey even started.

The whole thing was very surreal!  To be at Fenway Park, a ball park with so much history and to be watching a hockey game was over whelming.  Our school's mascot, Bananas the Bear danced with Wally, the Red Sox mascot.  It was really cool.

When we bought the tickets in the fall and had accepted that it was going to be COLD at the game.  Last year on January 7th it was 6 degrees out.  So I was prepared with hats, mittens, chair warmers, hand warmers, and a long down coat.  Well, I was over prepared.  It was 50 out!  I never put my coat on during the game!

Maine fans love hockey and always have a great time at games.  This was no exception.  The game was amazing, the atmosphere even better and the time we got to spend together and with friends was the highlight of the night.

Oh and Maine won the game in over time!

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