Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nice Things to Do

Its been said that being nice is a lost art.  I couldn't agree more.  So I've come up with a list of nice things that you can do today to make someone's day.  They are inexpensive or low cost.  Let me know what you think!
1.  Tell someone you love them.
2.  Call a friend just to say hi.  Or send an email just to say hello.
3.  Write a hand written note and mail it.
4.  Send an ecard.
5.  Bring the support staff at your office a baked good from home.
6.  Learn the name of the barista who serves you coffee.
7.  Pay the toll for the car behind you.
8.  Do a chore that doesn't belong to you.
9.  Call you mother, sister, brother, father, etc...
10.  Slip a note and a mini chocolate bar into someone's work bag.

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