Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year's Race Wrap Up

After much debate, I decided to run the New Year's Day race in a local town.  It was 4 miles, and I hadn't been doing any runs like that during December so I was a little concerned.

It was a beautiful, sunny day and the temps were in the 40's.  That's unusual for Connecticut on New Year's Day.

It was also warm last year and I over dressed and over heated.  This year I went with just a pair of capris and a Lulu long sleeve top.  I also wore my tutu :)

Last year I alternated between running and walking and this year I ran the whole thing.  However, a combination of lack of sleep, too many sweets and just general holiday fun led to me feeling like lead.  Instead of feeling like I was flying I felt like a square block trying to roll down the road.

I finished, and I never walked.  My time wasn't what I anticipated.  However, I do now know that I can go for longer distances with a slower pace.

I'm glad I ran.  My husband came out to support me as always and my uncle also ran the race with me.

I do wish I had worn my GPS watch and focused on a negative split like i did at my last race.  However, this time my "slow and easy pace" for the first half found its way into the second half as well.  There were no mile markers or water stops on this course.  Its quite hilly too.  I think I may have psyched myself out a little bit before hand.

I'm headed out again tomorrow for a run.  The temperatures have dropped drastically here so it will be my first real winter run in 20 degree weather.

My next race in a St. Patties Day one in March and I'm already looking forward to it.  Its flat, on the beach and a lot of fun!

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